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In anticipation for the Ethical Enterprise Conference 2020, join Founder and CEO of Moral Fairground Susanna Bevilacqua in a one on one conversation with 2018 winner of Healthy Land & Water’s Volunteer of the Year Award Mathew Townsend; in an investigation of the challenges faced by the differently-abled, an exploration of lived experiences and the future of the social enterprise space. (more…)

Fairtrade is a global movement that ensures products are developed to a rigorous economical, societal, and environmentally conscious standard. Aiming to encourage sustainable development through equitable trading relationships, that ensure consumer confidence, in ethically grown, harvested produce that protects the environment (more…)

Addressing homelessness is no small issue, and though there isn’t one definition of homelessness it is a term that describes people living in unfit, unsafe, severely overcrowded or uncertain spaces. This could mean sleeping rough on the streets, in a car, in an overcrowded household, or in temporary accommodation or in accommodation with no fixed tenure. (more…)

In the complex and interconnected world in which diversity forms the fabric of modern society, with our communities having been shaped by globalisation, technology advancement, growing economies, migration, and cultural evolution, we believe that social inclusion is a non-negotiable and that we must encourage and support the empowerment of the diverse people our communities are made of. (more…)

Find your own voice and do all you can to amplify it.
-Abiola Ajetomobi


On the 29th of April 2020, Moral Fairground hosted an online event to raise awareness around the steps towards creating safer and healthier urban landscapes for all, by all. (more…)

As Fairtrade breathes and operates to strive for improved work conditions in developing countries, the insight it has as an organization into shaping the impact economy is one that is rich in experience and results, (more…)

In the midst of an ugly pandemic, we are beginning to clearly see how fragile many facets of the economy truly are. (more…)

Melbourne is a culturally diverse city that sees unique types of businesses, skills, and information that people bring with them from their homelands. (more…)

When contemplating strategic moves, creating change whether personally or for the business, environment or social impact, clarity is arguably the most important factor. (more…)