Call for Presenters Ethical Enterprise Conference 2020

Moral Fairground connects individuals, communities & businesses, encouraging engagement and enabling actions that create a positive impact. We inspire, advocate and educate on care and responsibility for People, Planet and a Purpose-driven economy. Our conferences have served as an opportunity for discussing social issues and approaching solutions, networking and a platform for collaboration. This year is the 7th Ethical Enterprise Conference.

Call for Presenters

Applications are now closed.
Moral Fairground is looking for knowledgeable speakers/facilitators/practitioners/educators who are passionate about sharing information and tools that contribute to the creation of more opportunities to have a positive impact in the realm of People, Planet and Purpose driven economy.

The Ethical Enterprise 2020 conference is titled: Re-Think, Re-Set, Re-Boot: Reshaping the Impact Economy. As 2020 has kicked off with a series of life-changing events, we are being called to intimately review our impact economy, systems of business and our communities. It is time to rethink how these could be reinvented to evolve with us to be more sustainable and supportive to our global economy and ecology. Our mission, as ever, is to bring people together to create networks of like-minded and well-informed individuals who care about People, Planet and purpose.

Why, When and Where

The Ethical Enterprise Conference is an opportunity to share your knowledge, skills and experience with a keen audience.

You will be able to boost your profile, meet new people, explore possible collaborations, strengthen your networks with a very broad and diverse audience.

Monday the 26th and Tuesday the 27th of October 2020

FBE (Building 105), University of Melbourne, 198
Berkeley Street, Carlton Vic 3053

What and how to present

For workshops you will present practical tips, information and tools that the audience can use and implement. Workshops can run with their own creative license and can include craft, role play activities and educational ‘games’ that help to deliver the content of the workshop effectively. For plenaries we are looking for keynote speakers with original and interesting content that could present a debate on topic Re-Think, Re-Set, Re-Boot: Reshaping the Impact Economy

We recommend you present in the following formats:
• Workshops
• Panel Discussions
• Keynote speakers engagement
• Interactive workshops
• Research findings
• Facilitated discussions
• Debates

If running a workshop, we also ask that you specify who the workshop is suitable for:
• Start-up
• Established business
• Corporates or corporate employees
• Individuals
• All
• Other

Length of sessions:
Sessions generally go from 45 to 60 minutes allowing 10 – 15 minutes of questions times

Conference Format

We are looking for speakers/facilitators/practitioners/educators who can really deliver valuable information and tools in this area. The event will span over two days.

On day 1 we want to share on Reshaping the Impact Economy – breaking down our current standards of creating impact and opening up into various panels such as “Who are the real beneficiaries of changes to the impact economy?” as well as exploring how transitions into a more sustainable future will impact various communities and which approaches to positive impact will be most beneficial.

Day 2 will feature a myriad of workshops in which we plan to dive into how we can all have a hand in shaping an inclusive and sustainable approach to the impact economy, focusing on how and what we measure in terms of impact, design and advocacy.

Some key points of focus we’d like to bring into the conference are:
• What is the true metric of impact?
• How do we counter the traditional orthodoxies?
• Why is vigilance important for shaping an inclusive and impactful economy?
• The power of moving away from gender dichotomy
• How to build productive relationships
• How to engaging people meaningfully

• How can technology be used in an inclusive way?

Due to the current COVID-19 social distancing policies, and unknown time frame that these will be in place for, there is a possibility that the Ethical Enterprise Conference may be held as an online event this year. The event is usually hosted at the University of Melbourne which could still be closed at the time for events. Moral Fairground will endeavour to ticket the event accordingly and communicate all information when needed. We believe that sharing information, networking and holding the conference is still incredibly important – if not more so now. Re-Think, Re-Set, Re-Boot: Reshaping the Impact Economy is a necessary event for us to be able to navigate what lies ahead of us, together.

Thank you for your patience and understanding of this matter.

Speakers’ Benefits

We appreciate you choosing to share your knowledge and expertise and the time it takes to prepare content, so here are a few perks we can offer if you are selected as a speaker;
• A full two-day conference registration for the Ethical Enterprise Conference, including access to all sessions, all food and drinks
• A complimentary ticket to the Ethical Enterprise Award dinner
• A 50% discount to purchase extra conference tickets for friend or colleagues
• Individualised marketing collateral of your brand and/or services to be shared across our networks
• Post conference marketing and networking opportunities with delegates
• Become a part of our evolving community!
• Be inspired, meet your next collaborative opportunity and more!

Application process and timelines:

Application open Monday the 16th of March 2020

Applications close Monday the 25th of May 2020

You will need to complete an on-line application and submit as much information as possible.

Once we receive your submission: the conference team will review all submissions and notify successful applicants by the end of June 2020. The conference team might also get in touch with you should they have any additional queries.

In some instances, the conference committee might decide that your topic might be better suited for a different format or style, for example you might apply to be a keynote, but the conference committee, might see great value in having you as a speaker on a panel. In this instance, you will be notified of the outcome with sufficient time for you to prepare accordingly.

Applications are now closed, for any further enquiries contact

Past Speakers

Molly Harriss Olson

Chief Executive Officer Fairtrade Australia and NZ

Andrew Davies

CEO | B Lab Australia & New Zealand

Stephanie Woollard

Founder/CEO Seven Women

Dave Budge

Co-Founder – Jaunt

Gill Mailman

CEO MJB Solutions & Managing Director Indigenous Wealth Hub

Malcolm Rands

CEO ecostore

Rebecca Scott

Founder – STREAT

Rod Little

Former Co-Chair and Director – National Congress of Australia’s First People

Luz Restrepo

Founder Sisiterworks

Tom Dawkins

Co-founder/CEO StartSomeGood

Call for Papers

Student Symposium
Ethical Enterprise Conference
Melbourne, Australia
26-27 October 2020

Re-Think, Re-Set, Re-Boot: Reshaping the Impact Economy is a great opportunity for PhD students to meet practitioners – small and medium-sized ethical enterprises from around Australia– and pitch your research to them, network and even find participants for your data collection. Apply!

  • If you are a PhD student at any stage of your project
  • If your research focuses on social entrepreneurship, ethical practices of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • If you want to test your research proposal or findings against the reality and get feedback from practitioners
  • If you are looking to partner, network with or research Ethical SMEs

Submission guidelines

PhD students should submit an abstract of 500 words (excluding references) that outlines the topic, rationale, question you aim to address and empirical application. Every abstract should include the name, affiliation, and the stage of the PhD candidature. Submit your abstracts with the application form that includes:
• First Name
• Last Name
• Mobile
• E-mail
• LinkedIn Profile
• Affiliation
• Stage of PHD Candidature
• A 500 words abstract

Submit Here

If you have any queries in relation in relation to the Call four for Papers, your point of contact is Natalya Turkina:

Deadline for abstract submission

Application open Monday the 16th of March 2020
Applications close Monday the 1st September 2020 at 5:00pm
All Submissions must be submitted online via the link.
Successful applications will be notified by the end of September 2020 and will be able to present their research at the Ethical Enterprise Conference 2020

Terms and Conditions

• Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.
• Selecting panel have the final say on who has the most suitable research to present at the event.
• Moral Fairground will NOT be able to supply feedback should your application not be successful.
• By applying you are accepting that you will attend the conference and are prepared to do a presentation.
• It is your responsibility to make sure you purchase conference tickets and source accommodation if required.