Bianca Stawiarski, founder of the Indigenous social enterprise Warida Wholistic Wellness, is facilitating global change one person at a time


Have you ever considered that riding a horse, or even engaging in Horse Archery could be an empowering and healing exercise that could leave you feeling reconnected and ready to step into your power? To be honest, I hadn’t! The wonderful world of holistic healing is growing in our awareness as a nation and world, and with mental health issues and the effects of disconnection to nature visibly on a disastrous rise, it’s definitely time for us to act. The current crisis being faced in Australia alone is a massive wake up call showing us that a disproportionate number of us are tragically disconnected to not only our environment but to ourselves. As we are an extension of our environment, and so reliant on our natural resources, we have to question why it is that we aren’t currently doing more to protect that which is life-sustaining to us, our families and the children of the future.

Watching their realisation and awareness, while at the same time stepping into their power is one of the most amazing journeys to be part of.

Based in South Australia, Bianca Stawiarski is a Trauma-Informed Counsellor, Equine Assisted Psychotherapist, Horse Archery, Wayapa Practitioner & Transformational Coach and the Founder of Warida Wholistic Wellness who is passionate about helping people of all backgrounds to step into their power and is excited about the possibility of having communities of empowered people who will go on to create more of the same. Just imagine how we’d be able to come together to create positive world change when we’ve grown in ourselves!

We’ve had the privilege of finding out what got Bianca started on this journey and where she sees Warida Wholistic Wellness going. Let’s dive in!

Q. What has been your best collaborative experience and how did it help both you and the collaborating partner?

So far, my most amazing collaborative experience (apart from the work I am doing with my partner, Christopher Ward) has been working with Ivan ‘Tiwu’ Copley OAM on a wellbeing day retreat held on my property last year. Ivan is a Peramangk / Kaurna Elder, and as such he conducted the most moving Welcome to Country, Smoking and Cleansing Ceremony that I have ever participated in. This was the first time that ceremony had been held in the area for generations, and as a result my clients got to experience a truly deeply connected and cleansing start to our wellbeing retreat. Ivan shared so many stories that my clients very much felt connected to Peramangk country (where our retreat was being held). Also, as a result of the collaboration, Ivan has been granted access for ceremony to a special Peramangk site owned by a local private landholder.

Q. What has been the most rewarding experience in your company endeavor thus far?

Every single day I help people move through their trauma experiences, to finally feeling safe to embrace and reconnect with their inner fire. So many people that access my services feel that they will never find “her”. Watching their realization and awareness, while at the same time stepping into their power is one of the most amazing journeys to be part of. I am absolutely honored to support and help facilitate their acceptance and transformation. The amazing and beautiful part is that it is my clients that then support others to travel this journey too. Seeing that ripple on effect is magnificent.

Q. What inspired you to begin your company?

I was inspired as a result of my own personal journey through Domestic Violence, to embracing and fully loving me in all my imperfections. I found my own inner fire and wanted to help others rediscover their own too. Facilitating change on a global scale ….. imagine our empowered communities!

Q. How would you describe your aims in your business sector for the next year?

Continuing to solidify and grow my business presence through various marketing channels, engaging more consultancy work, while both expanding my online wellbeing / mental health course platform and facilitating successful international wellbeing retreats focusing on self-care.

If you’re interested to find out more about the services provided by Warida Wholistic Wellness visit:
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Bianca Stawiarski
PACFA Reg. Provisional 5131
Managing Director
Warida Wholistic Wellness

Warida Wholistic Wellness acknowledges and pays our respects to the traditional custodians across the lands, waters and seas and thank our Elders past, present and emerging for their continued custodianship.

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