Kim Humphery

RMIT University

Kim is Director of the Centre for Applied Social Research at RMIT University in Melbourne, and has an international reputation for his work in the sociology of consumption and material life. Much of Kim’s research over the past two decades has focused on the history, theory and politics of consumption and, more recently, on anti-consumerism as a social movement.

Currently, Kim is working on a major (Australian Research Council) study of ethical consumption in Australia along with RMIT colleagues Tania Lewis, Alison Huber, Ferne Edwards and Paula Arcari. Kim’s books include; Shelf Life: Supermarkets and the Changing Cultures of Consumption (Cambridge University Press, 1998 & 2011), Excess: Anti-Consumerism in the West (Polity, 2010), and the co-edited collection Consumer Australia: Historical Perspectives (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010).