Zoe Pook

Founder of Zoe Pook Jewellery

The first and only Fairtrade gold jeweller in Australia.

It has always been Zoe’s ambition to provide her clients with ethical jewellery. Originally based in the United Kingdom and Europe where Fairtrade Gold Jewellery was available, Zoe was determined after she moved to Sydney, to make this unique gold an option for anyone in Australia.

“I feel I have real passion and purpose with each piece of jewellery I create,” said Zoe, “It is my aim to give people an ethical choice. Up until now this has not been an option for those wishing to purchase jewellery in Australia. The choice to know and understand where the gold they wear so proudly has come from. To be sure it has been sourced through fair practices that are sustainable and will provide benefit to those communities who supply gold.”