Joanna Cantwel

Director of Stakeholder Engagement – Solar Buddy

Creating a bright future for all children is as hard as it sounds. One of the biggest obstacles we face is energy poverty. It’s a complex challenge – for the communities living with it, and for those who cannot imagine it to truly understand.

But we are motivated by big challenges, and the impact we can make by focusing on our 3 core principles;
Education is core to the solution. It helps to build local awareness and understanding of energy poverty, creates better global citizens, and is the most important factor in creating equitable opportunities for a child.
Sustainable innovation shapes our solutions. We design with people as our focus, ensuring that everything we create is simple, socially impactful, environmentally sustainable, and makes a difference for a decade not a day.
Connected communities are joined at the heart and united by need. When we share ownership of the problem, we lighten the load. The more hearts who join us, through donations, support, and advocacy, the more positive outcomes we can create.

We will never stop creating new ways to fight this challenge. We see a brighter future for all children, and by learning, creating, and working together we light the way there.