Gill Mailman

CEO MJB Solutions & Managing Director Indigenous Wealth Hub

Gill Mailman is a proud Bidjara woman and a respected indigenous business leader. She is a trailblazer who sets, rather than follows trends.

This started at a young age when Gill became the first Aboriginal female electrician, then later the first telecommunications technician. In 2001 she became the first Indigenous woman to successfully establish a Telecommunications industry Company with Fibre Optics NQ (“FONQ”).

FONQ is the leading supplier of ICT Infrastructure services in Far North Queensland and the Torres Straits. As a Community role model, Gill enjoys and takes great pride in FONQ delivering a high-quality infrastructure to Indigenous communities.

Gill is also the CEO of MJB Solutions Pty Ltd, the leading Indigenous supplier of ICT services to Queensland Government.

MJB Solutions’ business model is unique as it always seeks to increase the participation of trusted and capable Indigenous businesses and local communities in its supply chain so that everyone reaps the rewards of available business opportunities.

Gill is the Managing Director of Indigenous Wealth Hub Pty Ltd (“IWH”) which empowers, includes and enhances Communities using shared cultures and technology.

IWH helps connect Communities (Indigenous and otherwise) with basic infrastructure: connectivity, roads and water and helps empower business sharing and trading in Communities. IWH supports the self-sufficiency of Communities through social infrastructure and helps provide a conduit to the wider world of trade, investment, and research, IWH is an example to others, of how hearts are connected in Communities and business.

As a successful entrepreneur, driven by her passion for improving the lives of her people through economic development and empowerment, Gill’s innovative approach has made her the leading businesswoman that she is today.

Gill approaches every day with respect. Respect for People, Respect for Land and Seas and Respect for Profit and her legacy will be that of setting trends, busting myths and breaking ground for those who choose to follow.

Gill’s is devoted to supporting the Arts as “it’s a place of wellbeing for our people”. Gill is a Proud Director of Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (“CIAF”) and CIAF is Queensland’s premier Indigenous Cultural event and celebrates Indigenous Culture through all Art Mediums. This year, over 45,000 people attended CIAF and we supported indigenous wealth with over $980k in sales.

Gill is a founding member and chair of the Cairns Region Indigenous Business Network (“CRIBN”). CRIBN was established to give a voice and to drive business for Indigenous Business, so as to create a connected community that supports the community.

Collaborating in the Indigenous business sector

Generating economic opportunities for Indigenous Australians is recognized as a vital pathway for Indigenous self-determination. Yet, generating these opportunities is often complex due to structural impediments pressuring Indigenous Australians. Collaborating across complex systems with other Indigenous businesses and community organizations can help navigate these challenges. Learn from experts in this space about the challenges, opportunities and best practices for successful collaboration.