Rod Little

Former Co-Chair and Director – National Congress of Australia’s First People

Rod Little, the third eldest of 11 children is a proud Wilunyu and Wajuk man of the Yamajti and Nyoongar peoples of Western Australia. Rod is also a Stolen Generations victim, who hails from Geraldton, WA where some of his family still live. Rod is currently based in Canberra.

Rod lives and breathes Cultural Integrity; the essence of his work, whether as Managing Director, CEO or independent consultant, has been to inform both the public & private sector on respectful engagement through cultural knowledge and understanding.

Rod was previously an elected member & chairperson of the ACT Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Elected Body and, over the last 15 years, has focused his work in the public sector, advising on social policy and specialized in Indigenous matters.

Since 2011, Rod has been an active Director and Co-Chair of the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples. His role was to serve Congress members and communities, representing and advocating for their rights as well as the improvement to the lives of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.

CollaborAction: Collaboration case studies – the good, the bad, the downright ugly.

3 collaborating couples will share their truths on what’s really happening for them, what’s going well, what they could do better and what still puzzles them.

During this very open conversation, we’ll dissect each collaborative effort from the perspective of both sides, in a bid to uncover the themes that shape the framework for a successful collaboration; what we’re calling a CollaborAction.

What’s at the heart of a working collaboration?
How did it start?
Who said what?
Who’s driving?
Who decides where we’re going next?
What tripwires and traps should we look out for?
What do we do if someone falls in?

Further to the 50-minute conversation and 10 minutes of QnA, our audience will be invited to break into three groups, each led by one of the three CollaborActing couples for a further 20-minute discussion.

With 10 minutes to wrap up, we’ll present back the findings and build the case for CollaborAction. Join Hatched ( Founder Timothy O’Brien, and Mast Lawyers ( Co-Founder Ashleigh Wall as they take you through a real-life case study on how to take the purposeful path. Specifically how do you create a purpose-driven business and embed impact into your everyday operations? Hatched and Mast recently undertook a program of work together.

In this session, you’ll hear about the challenges, process and get all the insights. You might also get to hear from Hatched on what it’s like to work with people-centered lawyers.