Jenny Briscoe-Hough

General Manager at Tender Funerals Australia and Tender Funerals Illawara

Jenny is the driving force behind Tender, a community movement that works towards reclaiming the rites around death and dying, one of life’s most important experiences. Jenny brings decades of service in the community development field to her multi-faceted role. She has had extensive training and experience in all aspects of death advocacy, body care, ceremonial and funeral advice. She also was one of the Founders of Culture Bank. Other projects include, NILS, Jam and Bread, Southern Suburbs Taskforce.

Multi stakeholder collaborations for Community Outcomes

Tender Funerals is a community-led enterprise that provides affordable, personal and culturally sensitive funerals. Tender is currently franchising their model and catalysing change across the funeral industry in Australia. The work is being done in partnership with community groups and funders, and facilitated by SVA and Sefa. This panel will explore how various stakeholders can work together to achieve positive community outcomes.