Hanna Ebeling

Chief Investment Officer – Sefa

Hanna Ebeling is Chief Investment Officer at Sefa where she leads a team who works closely with purpose-driven organisations on developing financial solutions or investment readiness services to suit their needs. From traditional banking with HSBC to impact investment in the Philippines, Hanna brings a global practice lens to Sefa. She is on the board of Woodville Alliance, and works with the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership to improve collaboration between government, private sector, and philanthropy.

Multi stakeholder collaborations for Community Outcomes

Tender Funerals is a community-led enterprise that provides affordable, personal and culturally sensitive funerals. Tender is currently franchising their model and catalysing change across the funeral industry in Australia. The work is being done in partnership with community groups and funders, and facilitated by SVA and Sefa. This panel will explore how various stakeholders can work together to achieve positive community outcomes.