Nicki Colls and Rachel Bucknall

Director and Co-Founder – Fibreshed Melbourne

Nicki Colls: Nicki is the creator of a Fibershed maker’s movement and has been instrumental in the foundation of Fibreshed Melbourne as she believes connecting communities around slow fashion is the way forward. Nicki is a sustainability professional with 15 years of leading change projects as both a project manager and business manager. Reframing sustainability as a value proposition through integrated communications is her superpower. Nicki has project managed the delivery of the carbon accreditation programs for government, been a leader of teams achieving best practice sustainability awards and developed and implemented new economic models for sustainability in Government Housing.

Rachel Bucknall: Rachel’s frustration over the lack of information and transparency available about the clothing she wore lead her to start Fibreshed Melbourne. She brings design thinking expertise to Fibreshed Melbourne’s strategic approach and projects. Rachel has over ten years’ experience of leading not-for-pro?ts, governments, small businesses, and creative agencies through the design process – from uncertainty to actionable solutions. With a strong focus on visual communication, sustainability and community building, she uses her methodical, thoughtful, nuanced and supportive approach to connect user and provider viewpoints. She works to better understand people’s motivations and behavior to deliver long-lasting outcomes.

Collaboration between the big end of town and the small fry

Collaboration between the big end of town and the small fry is hard enough, let alone when you’re working across sectors, right? It can be done. Join this workshop to learn by doing: we’ll introduce you to the principles Fibreshed Melbourne have learned need to be in place to draw people and organizations together to tackle shared challenges and provide an opportunity for you to think about these in your own context.

Session Outcomes:
– Understanding of key principles that need to be in place for cross-sector collaboration
– Exploration of the application of these principles to participants’ own context(s)