Richard Etherington

Managing Director Kokonut Pacific – Niulife Pty Ltd

Richard is an ideas man and enjoys developing new products and new business opportunities! With a degree in Rural Science from the University of New England at Armidale (UNE) and diploma in Permaculture, Richard has been a Director of Kokonut Pacific Pty Ltd since its inception in 1994. Having lived and worked in the Pacific and Africa over the years and travelled widely all over the world, Richard brings his experience in agriculture and Landcare to the Development and Fair-Trade side of the company.

Richard has attended numerous international trade fairs in Europe, Asia and Australia. In 2004 Richard resigned from his work with the Department of Agriculture, NSW, in order to join the team at Kokonut Pacific in a full-time capacity.

Richard cycles to work, leads the local Cub Scouts and grows veggies with his neighbours. He is very community-minded and has a strong drive to protect the environment. He is married to Jacqui and together with their three energetic young kids enjoys riding to church, offering hospitality and having adventures

About Kokonut Pacific: Kokonut Pacific is about building sustainable and equitable value chains – bringing opportunity to some of the poorer communities who are coconut producers and do so in a way that enhances their community by raising living standards.

Kokonut Pacific collaborates with villages, widely at many different levels building value chains from producers through to consumers/users. We collaborate all along the value chain working with individual community groups, other businesses, joint ventures like Kokonut Pacific (KP) & Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands (KPSI) that have a grower group of over 50 communities processing their coconuts into value added products which we find markets for through collaborating with local and international brands and distributors. Kokonut Pacific also collaborates with a women’s group in the Philippines, buying & distributing their coconut nectar products as well as other groups in Indonesia, governments in different parts of the world and research institutions.

Kokonut Pacific was the winner of the Ethical Enterprise Award in 2018.