Timothy O’Brien

CEO/Founder – Hatched and ROOY

Timothy O’Brien is founder and CEO of Hatched, and ROOY. Tim is Australia’s foremost and most innovative thinker on purpose-driven business strategy and impact measurement.

Inspired by the B Corp movement, Tim left his career in corporate strategy and product innovation to set up Hatched, a strategic agency that embeds impact into organisations through purpose-driven strategy and an outcomes-based approach to impact measurement. Tim’s recently founded startup, ROOY, is an impact measurement technology platform that organisations are using to see and measure impact against their identified and is receiving interest as the go to accounting tool of the impact economy.



Collaborative methods of delivering and measuring impact across all industries

The cornerstone of purpose-driven collaboration and innovation is visibility and transparency of impact. Easy, outcomes-based impact measurement is now possible via today’s technology and it’s readying to transform the impact economy. Today’s customers, employees, and investors increasingly demand to know the nonfinancial value organisations generate or receive.

However, most organisations are unaware of their social and environmental impact, as impact measurement is notoriously difficult and time-consuming.

It’s no longer the case. Impact measurement, according to an organizations’ own definition of impact and desired outcomes, can be achieved with today’s technology. A breakthrough innovation in measuring nonfinancial value has been developed in Australia and not-for-profits, social enterprise and purpose-driven organisations of all kinds stand to gain.

Tim can be a standalone speaker, or he and his team can curate a session exploring why impact measurement has (until now) been so difficult, but why it’s critical in the impact economy.

Session Outcomes:
Transparency and visibility provide the foundations for effective collaboration in an impact-driven business. This session will demonstrate how to do define outcomes-based impact, make it visible and measure it over time using a collaborative dashboard. This, in turn, allows for faster progress on outcomes and impact, as teams can collaborate around clear goals, they can see what works and doesn’t, and they experience a clear sense of progress, motivating them to continue. This session will do the seemingly impossible and make impact measurement simple, fun and a centre of collaboration and innovation in organisations.

CollaborAction: Collaboration case studies – the good, the bad, the downright ugly.

3 collaborating couples will share their truths on what’s really happening for them, what’s going well, what they could do better and what still puzzles them.

During this very open conversation, we’ll dissect each collaborative effort from the perspective of both sides, in a bid to uncover the themes that shape the framework for successful collaboration; what we’re calling a CollaborAction.

What’s at the heart of a working collaboration?
How did it start?
Who said what?
Who’s driving?
Who decides where we’re going next?
What tripwires and traps should we look out for?
What do we do if someone falls in?

Further to the 50-minute conversation and 10 minutes of QnA, our audience will be invited to break into three groups, each led by one of the three CollaborActing couples for a further 20-minute discussion.

With 10 minutes to wrap up, we’ll present back the findings and build the case for CollaborAction. Join Hatched (www.hatched.io) Founder Timothy O’Brien, and Mast Lawyers (https://mastlawyers.com.au/) Co-Founder Ashleigh Wall as they take you through a real-life case study on how to take the purposeful path. Specifically how do you create a purpose-driven business and embed impact into your everyday operations? Hatched and Mast recently undertook a program of work together.

In this session, you’ll hear about the challenges, process and get all the insights. You might also get to hear from Hatched on what it’s like to work with people-centered lawyers.