Liz Bloom and Rini Mowson

Professional Facilitators – Clear Horizon

Liz Bloom: With years of working across communities and with individuals experiencing crisis, Liz enjoys working in complexity and is particularly interested in systems change thinking, where clients and local communities are the leaders of change. An experienced designer and evaluator, Liz has worked in the social change sector, helping initiatives to design innovative solutions and measure their impact. As a practitioner, she understands the challenges clients and communities can face when attempting to transform initiatives into tangible outcomes, as well as the importance of partnership and collaboration focused on meeting the genuine needs of a community. Liz’s practical experience is backed further by her technical expertise and her Master of Evaluation.

Rini Mowson: With more than thirteen years of experience working in the areas of applied social research, social innovation design, and evaluation, Rini has worked with social change initiatives and businesses globally. Rini has designed social programs and evaluated impact in challenging contexts throughout the world, with a focus on Australia and South East Asia. Rini is passionate about community-led social change and believes that involving the community in the design of initiatives improves community ownership and impact. She holds a Master degree in Development Studies and a Bachelor degree in Organisational and Social Psychology

Community-led co-design & impact

Social innovation initiatives are increasingly leveraging the power of collaboration with community to creating ethically-minded change. As experienced designers and evaluators in the social change space, we believe in the value of working with communities to design innovative solutions to community problems. Putting communities at the centre of what we do and ensuring that they are embedded in the forward progress towards change, leads to better outcomes. In this workshop or presentation, we will look at the importance of collaborating with community to design innovative solutions to meet their needs. We will also introduce the participants on how to apply evaluative thinking and processes in developing solutions to ensure that the impact is clear and communicable to the public. Participants will leave equipped with an introduction to how community-led co-design and impact measurement can lead to more successful programs that have the support of community behind them.

Session Outcomes:
– Introduction to community-led co-design and impact measurement
– An understanding of the importance and benefits of involving community in the design of initiatives that address their needs
– Some helpful tools to design and measure the impact of social innovation