Alex Tullio

CEO/Founder – Alex Tullio Pty Ltd

Over a career spanning more than 20 years, Alex has built a deep level of experience and a strong reputation for growing and transforming businesses into profitable enterprises. Alex has always believed that people are at the heart of business performance. Alex branched out from her role on the group executive at Bendigo Bank and now works with experienced entrepreneurs and passionate leaders who are striving for the next level of success. Her formula for success has always been simple: find the right people, articulate a clear vision and create an environment where the team can thrive – then get out of the way! She works with her clients to leverage their strengths, and liberate them from the trap of trying to control everything, through collaboration, teamwork and self-leadership.



Leadership in action – how the most successful leaders collaborate for success.

We all have our ‘zone of genius’. The more time we spend in that zone, the bigger our impact. Unfortunately, most people try and do it all by themselves, and as a result cap their potential. Imagine the collective power of people who leverage their strengths and are ONLY doing what they were put on this earth to do – without any of the stuff that drains them? It is possible. Collaboration is the critical ingredient if you want to maximise your impact, energy and happiness.

Session Outcomes:
Learn how to:
– identify your ‘zone of genius’ and leverage your power;
– identify areas for collaboration with others;
– create a sustainable business through collaboration, partnering and teamwork – with other businesses;
– reconnect with the ‘big vision’ that started it all, and identify strategies and actions to achieve it.