Anetta Pizag

Consultant – Pizag

Anetta helps create human-centric, future-ready workspaces that enable people to effectively tackle the ever-changing challenges of work while maintaining a healthy body and mind. She guides and educates people to explore their unique work styles, and through a collaborative approach with leaders, managers and team members, she develops work practices that bring out the best in individuals and teams. Anetta is intrigued by the relationships between people, places and performance, and has training and experience in the fields of architecture, environmentally sustainable design, evidence-based design research, psychology and business leadership. Her first book ‘Create a Thriving Workspace’ presents powerful tools for designing spaces where work communities and businesses flourish.



Effective collaboration in a noisy and highly connected world

Reaching out is easy. Talking is easy. But effective collaboration takes skill and intelligence. In our interconnected world, we have numerous choices about how we collaborate. When and how often should we interact with our collaboration partners? Should we meet face-to-face or communicate remotely? Where should we meet and what technologies should we use? All these factors make a difference to the work relationships we develop and the outcomes of the collaboration, as shown by science and experience. It is especially important to and the right approach when people with a variety of backgrounds, cultures, work styles and personalities work together – which is becoming increasingly desirable.

Session Outcomes:
Participants will learn about how different physical environments, communication tools and ways of working can influence collaboration outcomes, and will also be invited to share their perspectives and experiences. The intention of this interactive session is to help participants gain better clarity about what collaboration strategies would work best for their own teams, and how they could work more effectively with partners from other cultures, industries or disciplines.