Mofeed Daghoum

Projects and Events

Mofeed from Syria moved to Melbourne in 2016. with Bachelor of Interior Design, started his business as a freelancer in 2017. He is experienced in 3D visual as well as 2D design developments in Retail, Exhibitions, Residential and Interior Architecture projects in the Middle East and Melbourne recently. Previously in collaborations, he also worked in Gaming as a 3D
Designer and color Consultant, developing a simulation game aims to build a futuristic city. During his working experienced and research in sustainable design technology inspired him to expand his knowledge in how we could design and shape our future utilizing sustainable technology, through continue studying his Master degree. Recently he joined Moral Fairground as a volunteer, believing in linking our thoughts, social responsibilities, and supporting our future strategy which leads a healthy environment to award sustainable living. He is interested in art, music, and design technology. He also discovers gallery events, music, and arts festival, to make friends and balance his life within a positive social impact.