Anne Miles

Managing Director of International Creative Services

Anne Miles is Managing Director of International Creative Services, a winner of the Westpac 200 Business of Tomorrow for her focus on diversity, changing the advertising industry business model, and a focus on providing access to the world’s best creative talent. Anne’s motto is ‘Brands deserve better’ and believes the customer does too.

Anne is a unique multi-talented creative and marketing professional who has worked on so many top performing campaigns she’s lost count. Anne lives and breaths brand strategy with an ability to move the strategic insights into the final creative.

Anne’s experience begins as Head of TV in many large multi-national advertising agencies such as giants McCann-Erickson, J.Walter Thompson, Young & Rubican and Grey Worldwide. Anne was a foundation owner of Exit Films Australia, senior producer at Fuel VFX as well as holding freelance roles in many fields of production including motion, digital and graphic design; and animation. Anne has also spent time in research, brand strategy, as a marketing manager in large brands, and has spent the last 10 years as a marketing consultant with a speciality in consumer behaviour and neuro-linguistics.

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