Nicole Lamond

Founder & Owner Universal Village

Nicole combines her passion for life, enlightenment and fine food through running Universal Village, a fair trade food business that markets the Qi Tea and Eloments Vitamin Tea brands.

Nicole has helped take fair trade products into the mainstream by securing the ranging of Qi Tea in Woolworth, Coles, Aldi and IGAs. Her company’s products are stocked in over 3000 retailers worldwide.

Nicole was a founding board member of the Fair Trade Association and is currently the Secretary. She holds a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and has a passion for doing business with purpose.



EEC 2018 TALK: Certification systems – should you use one for your product or business?

There is not a lot of information widely known about the various social and environmental certification schemes beyond the taglines and sound-bites. Businesses often do not have the time to make a thorough assessment of the different options available to weigh up the costs and benefits.

This forum is for businesses who want to gain a better understanding of the standards for the dominant certifications, what’s involved in compliance and what are the cost implications, to help businesses determine if there is a solid business case for utilizing a certification system in their business. Certifications being consider are organic schemes, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, WFTO and other.

Session Outcomes:
Business practitioners will leave understanding more about social certification systems; will be able to differentiate between them and be better equipped to understand which one would suit their business better