Olivia Clark Moffatt

Head of Australia Consulting, The Difference Incubator

Olivia Is the Head of Australia Consulting at The Difference Incubator. She is an innovative leader who multiplies human capacity for social good and uses new ideas and strategies to increase organisational health as well as individual performance. Her most recent experience was on the executive team of a large health and community services provider, and before that she was the founder of an alternative health and spirituality enterprise. Olivia has led multiple organisations from experimental beginnings to become sustainable and healthy organisations, focussing on the strengths and gifts within people to help them maximise their potential.




EEC 2018 WORKSHOP: The Fundamentals of a Financially Sustainable, Impact Driven Business Model

Nonprofits, corporates, social enterprises and start-ups – whatever ‘business’ you are in – it is possible to both do good and make money, without having to compromise on either side of the equation. In fact, we at The Difference Incubator would argue that being serious about doing good AND making money is crucial to future proofing your enterprise.

Come along to this practical, actionable workshop to dive deeper into how you can build a model that creates true blended-value while exploring the reasons why doing so should be a priority for you and your enterprise. We will share our first-hand, and sometimes brutally honest, accounts of the challenges and benefits of undertaking this journey, while uncovering key learnings and tools we’ve gathered through our work with 400+ impact driven enterprises both in Australia and the Pacific.

Key outcomes of the session include:

• An understanding of how organisations can both do good AND make money, without have to compromise on either side of the equation
• Practicable, actionable tools that will help you create, measure and deepen impact in your enterprise
• An understanding of the core traits of any sustainable impact driven enterprise
• Tools and ways of thinking to develop a deeper understanding of your business model and areas where the concept of blended-value can be incorporated