Jon Staley

Founding Manager, Youthworx

Jon Staley is a Producer, Writer, Director and Social Entrepreneur and has been involved in establishing Youthworx from scratch – taking the seed idea of using creative media to engage highly marginalised young people and building a sustainable social enterprise model. Over the past 8 years Jon has successfully overseen the development and production of over 300 commissioned short films for a wide range of community based organisations ranging from organisation profiles, documentaries, narrative pieces and campaign films while training and mentoring young people as film producers. Most recently Jon co-wrote and directed the short film Brown Paper Bag based on a story by acclaimed indigenous author and storyteller Boori Monty Pryor.

EEC 2018 WORKSHOP: Create striking visual content

Creating striking visual content is key to reaching the hearts and minds of today’s consumers and decision makers. This workshop will explore different ways organisations can use film to cut through and make and impact in our information saturated societies.