Tom Dawkins

CEO, StartSomeGood

Tom Dawkins is Co-Founder and CEO of, a crowdfunding platform for social enterprises, non-profits and community initiatives globally. He was previously the founder of Australian youth non-profit Vibewire, the first Social Media Director at Ashoka, a global NGO fostering social entrepreneurship based in Washington DC and the founding Director of the Australian Changemakers Festival. He has supported numerous non-profits, governments and businesses to better engage their community using technology and been recognised with awards and Fellowships from the World Summit Youth Awards, International Youth Foundation, Nexus Summit, The Future Summit and the Australian and New Zealand Internet Awards.



EEC 2018 WORKSHOP: Crowdfunding for Social Enterprises: The Proven Formula for Success.

Presented by social impact crowdfunding platform this practical, fast-moving and informative presentation will teach you everything you need to know to be great at crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to launch or grow a social enterprise or non-profit, raise funds for a cause or a creative project or fuel a grassroots movement for your community.

But the considerable majority of all crowdfunding campaigns fall short, often because of a handful of common mistakes. StartSomeGood has one of the best success rates in the industry, with 53% of projects reaching their goal (compared to less than 20% on other social good platforms) and will share with you their proven formula for success.

What you will learn:
• Different crowdfunding models and how to think about them;
• What separates crowdfunding campaigns that succeed from those that fail?; Selecting a realistic financial target for your campaign;
• Identifying your potential supporters and how to target them;
• Deciding how long to run your campaign for;
• How to craft stories that inspire support.

We will be sharing our proven “5 C’s of Successful Crowdfunding” model, helping you think about the Clarity, Credibility, Communities, Channels and Courage you will need to achieve your fundraising goal.