Paul Hellier

Fair Food Forager

Fair Food Forager is Making ethical easy! Helping consumers choose the food businesses being better for people and planet (many small actions equal big change). The goal is to create a business reason to build in sustainable practice, influence business to increase sustainability, encourage the competition to do the same and change the way the world eats. Search where you are using the mobile app or website and eat or shop with less impact.

Paul Hellier: Educated in Environmental Science, worked in sustainability education and natural area restoration management. For over a decade he has volunteered to plant trees and restore areas of the Australian Bush. After years of collecting plastic litter along his local beach with his dog “Moose” and being frustrated by the constant stream of litter washing ashore, he decided to create a company with the potential to slow the volumes of plastic waste ending up in our oceans along with other environmental issues connected to food. Its all about empowering people to influence change.