David Laity

Goodwill Wine

In the weeks and months following Black Saturday I found myself for the first time on the receiving end of assistance. Having been a volunteer all my adult life, this was a new and challenging perspective. Along with donations of food, clothes, linen and kitchenware, I received $15,000 from the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. This was money that the Australian public had dropped into tins around the country.

Rather than replace what I lost, I used this money to begin Goodwill Wine. I built a website, bought a few tiny parcels of wines and started passing on half of my profit to my customer’s chosen charities. I began with the charities and NPO’s that had helped me.

I feel that many of the problems in this world are caused by our relentless pursuit of profit. Goodwill Wine was simply a decision to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. I believed I could build a sustainable business, support charities and reward their supporters at the same time with small batch, quality boutique wines and the opportunity to talk about the cause that they love. It seemed like a win-win all round.

And it has worked. Together we have raised nearly $200,000 for Australian Charities. Or to put it another way; that’s half a million glasses raised to good causes.