Martin Gleeson


Martin Gleeson is a software engineer and entrepreneur, and has been designing and building software for more than 25 years, and businesses for 10 years.

He was one of the first to help harness the power of the World-Wide Web in Australia, creating the University of Melbourne’s website in 1993 and helping the university to move information and services online over the next 7 years. Making it through the internet bubble of the early 2000s relatively unscathed, Martin downshifted and spent 7 years working part-time to devote himself to his young family.

Martin and his business partner Nick Jaffe co-founded the web hosting company Serversaurus in 2005.

Australia’s first carbon-neutral web hosting company, Serversaurus has been planting trees since 2007 to mitigate their carbon footprint, leading the way for other companies in the sector.

Serversaurus endeavours to be a company of the future, supporting our staff with initiatives like a 4-day working week with full-time pay, additional superannuation for female staff, better leave entitlements and a supportive working environment.

In 2011, again with his co-founder Nick Jaffe, he built Electron Workshop, a co-working space in North Melbourne.

Electron Workshop has grown to include a diverse group of individuals and companies, and has become a platform for development of new ideas and fostering change and thought in the tech and new business arenas.

In August 2013 Martin and Nick’s company, Arktisma, comprising Serversaurus and Electron Workshop, was proud to be one of 45 Founding Australian B Corporations.

Martin’s passions include changing the both the face and the DNA of business in Australia, to have social and environmental responsibility at the core of what we do every day.

Martin is married to Dr Deborah Gleeson, an Academic and leading researcher in the area of public health policy and the political economy of health. They have two children.

Martin loves to make things, whether it’s companies or waves in the business world, or carpentry or sculpture at home or at the beach. But his friends will tell you his real passion is making conversation – philosophy, politics, history, technology, the future.