Kate Phillips

Ethical Screening & Fair Trade Advisor

Kate Phillips wears two hats within Oxfam Australia: being one half of the Schools Program and the Fair Trade Advisor. She’s been a Schools Speaker in England, Wales and now Australia, worked with young people in Poland, Uganda, Tanzania (Zanzibar) and Madagascar, and worked on sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the leisure and tourism industry.

She’s passionate about the power young people have to shake up the world and make big positive change. Kate reckons she has the best job in the world – encouraging students to be caring and curious about the world and all its people and to think critically and creatively to make a noise and a difference, and working with Oxfam Shops and our trading artisans and farmers to ensure they’re getting the fairest deal possible. Oxfam’s Schools Program offers a wide range of ideas, education resources and support to help teachers incorporate social justice issues into the classroom, and students to develop the values, attitudes, behaviours and skills they need to take action on issues they care about.

Check out www.oxfam.org.au/education to find out more, and https://shop.oxfam.org.au/ to check out all our fair trade wares.