Georgia Garrard

Georgia is a conservation scientist and senior research fellow in RMIT University’s Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group. She has extensive experience researching and advising on environmental impact assessment processes. Since beginning her career as an ecologist, Georgia’s interests and expertise have continually expanded to reflect the importance of the relationships between people and nature. She has worked with government, non-for-profit and philanthropic sectors on projects that aim to ensure that our native plants and wildlife are protected, for their own sake and also for the benefits they provide to people. Her recent work on biodiversity sensitive urban design, a protocol for designing cities that are good for people and good for nature, was nominated as a finalist in the 2016 Sustainable Cities Banksia Awards. Georgia has experience in project management, strategic planning and science communication.

Georgia has a keen interest in fair trade, and is particularly passionate about ensuring that ethical consumption improves the health of the natural environments that underpin healthy, equitable and sustainable societies.