St Monica’s College


St Monica’s College, Epping, is a catholic, co-educational school serving the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. SMC is a Fairtrade Accredited school who for many years have been promoting the benefits of ethical consumerism. They have won several grants in the past in recognition of their dedication to ethical consumerism, and in 2014, the Coordinator of Social Justice was awarded Fairtrade Supporter of the Year for his coordination of various activities in this area. SMC has had a great relationship with Moral Fairground for the last three years.

This year, 35 students from our Year 9 ‘Be More’ Social Justice Group are focusing on ethical consumerism as there social justice issue and are planning many activities to raise awareness about the benefits of purchasing with our conscience. Molly McGuiness, Tiffany Huynh &Lauren are three of our students who will be contributing to this blog:

“Our names are Molly, Tiffany and Lauren and we are a part of the Year 9 Be More group. We decided to join Be More in hopes of making a difference not only to our school community, but in different parts of the world. In Year 9 Be More we are learning about Fairtrade and how we can make our school, Fairtrade influenced. By raising awareness of Fairtrade within our school community, we can change how people live their daily lives. Fairtrade tries to provide better conditions for a range of different groups around the world by creating a safe and fair working environment where workers can be seen as more than just a number but as an individual. Over time we will continue to proceed making a difference and improving the society we live in.”

Saint Monica's Students