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Antony DiMase established DiMase Architects at the back of his father’s North Fitzroy real estate office in 2002, after spending a over a decade working with various major architectural firms. His vision was (and remains) to make architecture accessible for everyone and to ensure that the built environment reflects the aspirations and values of the people who live, work and play in his projects. Antony is known for his finely detailed architecture and interiors, and in recent years has taken a particular interest in daylighting, including undertaking a Masters of Lighting program with the Queensland Institute of Technology.
DiMase Architects
The vision of DiMase Architects starts and ends with people, but it is shaped by our size and our location, and is polished by our philosophy. We believe first and foremost that our work as architects is a backdrop to people’s lives, whether those people are our clients or others who will interact with our designs, including surrounding communities.

Our architecture is about light and air and materials, combined to create spaces for human interaction.

Philosophically we believe our role as architects is inextricably bound to a responsibility to pursue sustainability. This is not just about blindly pursuing a high energy star rating. Rather, it is about creating better, smarter designs that require less resources during construction and consume less resources when the finished building is in use, while not compromising the needs our client. Intelligent use of daylighting, insulation and materials is central to our approach.