Luka Lesson

“Luka is a genuine artist of high quality whose poetry is powerful and poignant. I salute his prophetic witness!” – Dr Cornel West

“Luka Lesson is one of those people who changes the weather; who by his very presence makes the landscape seem more possible, more holy, more livable. I don’t know where he came from or how he got to be so magic. What I do know is that I am better for having experienced him. A better writer. A wider girl. More true of heart. Words make worlds. Luka knows this. His mouth is a creation story…and we are all better for it.”

– Dominique Christina, National Poetry Slam Champion and two-time Women of the World Poetry Slam Champion (USA).
“Luka is the kind of poet other poets want to be. Other poets want to be honest.”
– Shane Koyczan, Candian Poetry Slam Champion and performer of TED talk “To This Day”.
“I’m not really into hip hop—I’m too old, I guess—but Luka Lesson is a sonic literary genius, and THAT is what I love. So if he is hip hop, then I guess I love hip hop after all.”
– Taylor Mali, 4-time National Poetry Slam Champion and former president of Poetry Slam, Inc. (USA).



Luke Haralampou aka Luka Lesson, holds an undergraduate degree from The University of Queensland, a first-class honours degree from Monash University in Indigenous Studies, and a Masters of Sound Design (Poetry Performance) through the Victorian College of the Arts.