Ben Neville


Dr Ben Neville is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Business & Economics at the University of Melbourne, researching and teaching in the areas of social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, sustainable business and ethical consumption. He is the Academic Director and Co-Founder of Compass, the Melbourne Accelerator Program’s impact entrepreneurship program at the University of Melbourne ( He is also the Chair of the University of Melbourne’s Fair Trade Steering Committee and sits on the Executive Committee of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute.

Ben believes the world should and could be a better, fairer and more sustainable place. He has traditionally been focused on encouraging business students and large corporations not to do harm through the lens of corporate social responsibility. But he now sees the potential of social entrepreneurship to provide a different, better business model, a more fulfilling career path and contribution to the world. Showing people the opportunities and rewards for doing good can be more persuasive than telling them not to do harm. The time is right for a new way of doing things. Social enterprise and consumer driven philanthropy are critical components of the neo-capitalist revolution that is needed to create a better, fairer and sustainable world.