3 Tips to Regenerate Our Urban Landscapes


On the 29th of April 2020, Moral Fairground hosted an online event to raise awareness around the steps towards creating safer and healthier urban landscapes for all, by all.

We believe that now is the perfect time to become more familiar with building sovereignty around our personal and communal health by exploring how we can engage with nature in a more balanced way to replenish health from the ground up.

In this insightful event expert speakers Nick Rose, Rachelle Armstrong and Thomas Kennet shared plenty of insights from their fields of expertise and our attendees also asked such great questions that we’ve decided to compile our top 3 takeaways from the event here and also attach a downloadable pdf that summarises the in-depth discussion below. So here are the top 3 takeaways from the event, if your keen to learn more, we definitely recommend downloading the notes!

Screenshot from the event

  1. Mindset shift through education: In order to create changes need to gain awareness of the agricultural systems in place and how they directly impact us and the ecosystem, from soil and land health to human health. We must educate ourselves, our farmers and our communities on the degenerative nature of the current agricultural practices are to be able to make informed decisions about what needs to change.
  2. Entering into stewardship with the earth: With an awareness of the degenerative nature of the current agricultural systems, it becomes apparent that there is a need to learn about the land we are on. To understand the land better we need to understand the practices of the culture before us by consulting, observing and integrating the Indigenous methods to maintain healthy practices and take a holistic approach to agricultural practices. We must realise that as we all depend on the land for sustenance, we all need to become educated to some degree on how to look after it and nurture it for the sake of the ecosystem, which we are a part of.
  3. Green our cities: To go a step beyond educating and re-educating ourselves about current practices vs best practices for health, we can all take steps to greening our cities to make them a part of the ecosystem and a part of the recovery, as they can become large natural reserves of a kind, making them fundamentally interwoven. We can all get involved with this through creating ponds, growing a diverse range of vegetables, planting diverse and native trees and flowers in our homes, gardens and communities.



Download Regenerate Notes Here!

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