Ethical Enterprise Conference 2019

Ethical Enterprise Conference 2019 University of Melbourne

Collaboration for Change

The University of Melbourne 28th & 29th of October 2019

About the Conference

Collaboration for Change

Effective action requires collaborative partnerships across civil society, industry and government.

We’ll explore the power of connecting communities, people and businesses, building new alliances with civil society and governments to address the challenges we face. We’ll explore the opportunities that exist for the ethical business sector as a result of collective collaborations, we’ll share stories of how scalable impact is achieved through leadership, innovation, and collaborations.

Not to be missed!

Join fellow businesses-with-purpose from every possible sector in a friendly and interactive atmosphere offering unrivalled networking opportunities. Industry-leading and cutting-edge content designed to encourage you expand your boundaries, and explore new possibilities, will help the successful businesses of today transition seamlessly to the thriving enterprises of tomorrow.

This year we will explore the topic “collaboration for change

  • How do we collaborate for change and purpose.
  • How does collaboration create value and impact.
  • The changing nature of collaboration at a local and global level.
  • Collaboration to tackle social and environmental challenges.
  • Collaboration to drive community outcomes.
  • How to engage in a collaborative approach.
  • Cross-sector collaborations.
  • Collaborative leadership.

What People Had To Say

“My second time to attend and I travelled internationally. I will be there again next year!” DAVID POWELL, ATTENDEE

“Really great event to be involved in. Will share and support next year.” ANNE MILES

“It’s always wonderful to share experiences and learn more about the incredible workbeing done in this space.” LEANNE HART, ATTENDEE

““A monumental effort!” RACHELLE ARMSTRONG, ATTENDEE

“Everything I saw was of a very high standard and great quality. I would say it was a fantastic event.”

“It was a great two days and I was privileged to be part of it. I hope I can contribute in years to come. The energy was palpable. Congratulations to you all for the organization of it and the huge amount of work you must put into.” SANDY MCDONALD, PRESENTER

“I loved the listening to the speeches given by the Pitch winners. I thought all of their stories were very inspirational. They were some of the most powerful stories I have heard in a while.” MEGAN DAVIS

“I really enjoyed the conference and was inspired by the presenters, the participants and generally left feeling comforted by the fact that there are people out there doing good in the world :)” YOLANDA FRENCH

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Conference Packages & Ticketing Info

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