Sustainable Lifestyle Tent

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If you love being creative and would like to pick up some new ethical living skills, then the Sustainable Lifestyle Tent is perfect for you.

There will be plenty to keep the creative juices flowing, including the chance to make alternative yarns and jewellery from unwanted materials. Also, we’ll share a bunch of handy tips how to reduce waste around your home, as well as how to make simple repairs to your favourite garments. And in case you enjoy adding colours to your everyday life, you’ll have a great opportunity to learn how to use natural dyes that are kinder to our beloved Mother Earth.

Workshops & Demonstrations

sewing materials - Project Selvage

11am – 1pm | ‘Clothing Repair’

Project Selvage, Shannon Threlfall
Extend the life of your clothing by learning how to do basic repairs. Great life skills to have and no sewing experience necessary.
Upcycled Jewellery Making

12pm – 2pm | ‘Upcycled Jewellery Making’

Suzi, Moral Fairground Volunteer
The ring making workshop encourages using unusable items to avoid wastage through recycling them into attractive and wearable items. Materials such as cut fabrics and paper are often discarded due to lack of usability but through the process of recycling, small sections and odd shapes of these materials are utilised instead.

Minimal Waste Mum

2pm – 4pm | ‘Becoming a Zero Waste Household’

Minimal Waste Mum, Alicia Polman
Stop by and chat with Minimal Waste Mum about ideas and tips on how to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle and browse her samples of reusable and diy products she uses to keep waste to a minimum in day-to-day life, even with two toddlers in the house!

alex wilson cellularsoul

3pm – 5pm | ‘CellularSoul’

Alex Wilson
Did you know our natural world holds all the tools we need to look after our bodies? I will take you through why it is so important to our environment to understand what goes into your personal care/cleaning products, their natural alternative, and empower yourselves to embrace natures gifts in your home and on your skin!
zero waste

4pm – 6pm | ‘Beeswax Wrap Demo’

Zero Waste Victoria, Che
Learn how to make beeswax wraps, a simple reusable solution to using gladwrap/clingwrap. Making your own wraps is simple and fun, plus they look and smell great!

Plastic Bag Weaving Techniques

6pm – 8pm | ‘Plastic Bag Weaving Techniques’

Impatiently Patient, Lucia
Do you have a pile of plastic bags at home? Give them a second chance and learn how to repurpose them into a variety of handfull objects. You’ll learn how to turn plastic bags into yarn and you get your hands on some basic upcycling techniques.