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Can you build growth + a happy culture in a family business?

Hear the story of one entrepreneur who started a family business with a twist.
Are your business partners your siblings, parents, children, or cousins? Do you know someone who is partnership with a family member?

If so you’ll understand that working with family adds another dimension of complexity to running a business.

Come and join the conversation.

We’ve invited Rachelle Armstrong, NutriSoil, the co-founder of a family business, to share her journey of navigating the challenges of working with and in a family business.

In 2005 Rachelle partnered with her parents to create NutriSoil. The objective was to develop a viable family business while supplying a product, that helped farmers to reduce the use of synthetic fertilisers and chemicals to improve the health of the soil to boost the quality of productivity off the land.

The business was successful. However, Rachelle was frustrated that the company was not growing nor reaching its full potential. She reached out to a business coach to help the family negotiate their way through the dynamics and begin to implement a strategy to manage and grow the business and themselves.

On the night, Rod Fraser one of Rachelle’s business coaches will join the conversation to share the challenges and strategies they put in place to begin to steer NutriSoil to reach its potential.

Speaker: Rachelle Armstrong, Owner/Director, NutriSoil
Speaker: Rod Fraser, personal coach and business coach, Business Growth Strategies

Speaker Details

ene speaker Rachelle Armstrong

Rachelle Armstrong
Owner/Director, NutriSoil

Rachelle grew up on a dairy/beef property in Yackandandah, Victoria. She studied Health Science with Honours in Public Health before living and working in Sri Lanka for 3 years as a Community Health Facilitator. Rachelle then worked as a Youth & Community Development Officer for 3 years with the Shire of Nannup. Her father, Graham Maddock, an innovative farmer, developed vermiculture (worm) products in the 1980s, now known as NutriSoil. Eager to support the connection of food production and human health, Rachelle helped build the NutriSoil business which uses education and networking to heal the world from the ground up.


“Currently our food has lower nutrient density than at any time in history. We are more susceptible to cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes when our food lacks the minerals and essential trace elements required for our immune systems to function effectively.”

• Moral Fairground Ethical Enterprise Awards 2017 – Finalist and Runner-up
• Best Product of the Year (non-food) – Australian Organics 2016
• Environment and Sustainable Business Practices – Chamber Business Awards2008

NutriSoil harnesses the power of earthworms to address the challenges of producing healthy, nutrient-rich food and mitigate climate change by helping farmers transition to organic and regenerative farming practices.

ene speaker Rod Fraser

Rod Fraser
Personal & business coach, Business Growth Strategies
Rod Fraser is a personal coach and business coach. My role is to help you think things through, discover your personal highest values in the context of your business, discover your natural flow and get clear about what you want to achieve. Then we can explore the dynamic of your business from the people, the core customer you want to serve, your team and getting the right people in the right roles, your business model, strategy and priorities, purpose, core values, productivity, profitability, cashflow, performance and rhythm.

Business Growth Strategies Pty Ltd is a coaching company. We help purpose driven business owners to build something special. It’s a wholistic approach starting with personal coaching for you the business owner to help you think things through and have those important conversations on multiple levels. We can then focus on getting your whole team firing around a sound achievable strategic plan. Consciously designing your business for purpose, people, profit AND planet as a force for good. We are proud to be a certified B Corporation.

And yes we help people work through all the messy people stuff. People are dynamic, business has changed dramatically in the last 5 years in everything from business models, marketing, sales, how to team well and more. When you add in family in business it takes the complexity to another level.
About Us

Wed 12th September 2018

Time: 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm


$30 for Adults
$25.50 for MFG Business Members or Students


Ticket includes:
• Access to an evening of networking and mentoring
• Light catering and soft drinks – coffee and tea.

Door Prizes

Automatic entry to go into a draw to win a free ticket to our next networking event.
• On the night bring your business card to go into a draw to win “Emergent”, Stephen Scott Johnson latest book.
• NutriSoil Product
• A Coaching Conversation with Rod Fraser – Business Growth Strategies – valued at $550


6:00 – 6:30pm: Checkin, Casual Conversations
6:30 – 8:00pm: The Conversation: A Panel
8:00 – 8:30pm: Casual networking





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