Sacred by Design

Sacred by Design

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Sacred by Design – unique products made with purpose, intention and passion for the environment and you.

Our mission is to provide earth-friendly, socially responsible, lovingly created products.

Sacred by Design believes that as consumers we have the power to change the world by being mindful in what we buy. And we are not alone.  There is a growing movement of people who seek out ways to make positive decisions about what to purchase and look for a solution to the negative impact consumerism is having on our world.

Increasing awareness around issues such as non-toxic, environmentally conscious manufacturing processes, child or underpaid labour, responsible farming practices has led to a rise in what is know as conscious consumption.

Being a conscious consumer means buying products which were ethically produced and/or which are not harmful to the environment and society.

Sacred by Design works with suppliers who are sincere in their encouragement for earth-friendly socially responsible products.  Each and every item is thoughtfully researched and selected and has at least one or more of the following attributes: Handmade, Recycled, Natural, Organic, Fairly Traded or Sustainable.

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