Moral Fairground’s Business Membership Program

Welcome to Moral Fairground’s exclusive business membership and rewards program.

The program is designed to strengthen the relationship between fair-trade, ethical and social businesses and enterprises, as well as provide opportunities for exposure to consumers through:

  • More targeted marketing channels,
  • Increased networking opportunities and
  • Better access to business intelligence in the ethical trading space.
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For your annual membership of $139, your business will have the opportunity to take advantage of the following benefits:
  • Invitations to Moral Fairground’s business networking events.
  • Access to information and listings of current ethical and fair trade enterprise grants and projects.
  • Running calendar of local seminars, events and workshops relevant to ethical enterprises (e.g. marketing/branding, financing /venture capital, crowd-funding, accounting and business advice, etc).
  • Your business profile (logo, web link, 200 word summary supplied by member) on Moral Fairground’s website.
  • A feature story in Moral Fairground’s monthly e-Newsletter (distributed to 4,000 subscribers and growing).
  • Special rates for feature and/or sponsorship in quarterly e-newsletter exclusive to Business Members as preferred suppliers.
  • Special member’s rate (15% discount off exhibitor booking fee) and premium spot as an exhibitor for Moral Fairground hosted events.
  • 15% discount off Moral Fairground ticketed events.
  • 15% Discount of other marketing and promotional programs throughout the year.
  • Access to special offers and discounts on products or services offered by Moral Fairground’s preferred suppliers.
  • Certificate of membership for display and Moral Fairground membership logo for use on your website and any other digital media.
  • Opportunity to be included in promotional / sponsorship materials (e.g. gift bags and giveaways at Moral Fairground hosted events (negotiated with members / sponsor).
Join Moral Fairground’s Business Membership Program for greater opportunities to connect with fellow ethical businesses and expand your consumer reach. Let Moral Fairground, with its recognised name and established networks, be your representative hub for ethical and fair-trade businesses in Victoria and across Australia. Join Moral Fairground as a business member and your organisation will have an opportunity to reach out to fellow ethical business by being provided with a platform for business exposure, communication, education and networking.


Why become a Moral Fairground Business Member?
the opportunity to reach out to a targeted audience through endorsement, awareness raising, education and networking opportunities. Your business will be recognized as a valuable business member of the large ethical enterprise network in Australia.

There is only one type of Moral Fairground business membership available. The features of membership are stated above. Members have the opportunity to be included in an online preferred supplier list, the opportunity for business exposure on Moral Fairground’s website, special offers and discounts in partnership with Moral Fairground’s preferred suppliers, placement of products at Moral Fairground hosted events and access to information, projects and calendar of Victorian events which maybe of interest to ethical, social and fair-trade enterprise. Moral Fairground aims to become an information and resource rich hub for ethical and social enterprise.

Annual Subscription
This membership program applies to the business and is not considered an individual membership. Representatives of the member business have the opportunity to represent their business and product at Moral Fairground hosted events, as the membership is transferable within each business. Therefore each event is open to multiple representative of each business.

This membership program applies to businesses. Representatives of a business have the opportunity to act as ambassadors for their business and or product at Moral Fairground hosted events. Representation of your business at Moral Fairground events is transferable within the one business.

Please refer to the business membership terms and conditions and business membership selection criteria.

Business Membership selection criteria

  • Fairtrade accredited
  • World Fair Trade Organisation
  • Organisations working directly with producers/farmers and contribution to social and development
  • Ethical Clothing Australia
  • Creative and craft industries
  • Ethical services eg Investment funds
  • Fair trade workplaces and universities

  • Profit or not for profit business addressing local or disadvantage communities their commercial activities
  • Business that has a positive social outcome and contributes to social development
  • Businesses explicitly focused on addressing Australian Indigenous empowerment and economic development

  • NGO or campaigns groups with explicit objectives or campaigns relating to fair trade, justice for developing country farmer or workers, overseas development

  • Business and organisation supporting or implementing ethical food and food production
  • Free Range
  • Animal welfare groups
  • Business supporting no animal testing
  • Business advocating ethical food production

  • Business or organisations growing or selling local food product from small farmers
  • Handicrafts from small local producers and co-operatives
  • Environmental sustainable groups and businesses
  • Recycled
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Organic and Natural Foods
  • Organic and Natural products
  • Organic food and environmental groups like businesses that are able to demonstrate ethical and environmental standards like growing, selling local, organic food products from small farmers

Terms and Conditions of Business Membership
  1. Moral Fairground Membership is open to Australian registered businesses and organisations only.
  2. Moral Fairgrounds aims to supportive hub for ethical enterprises and associations in Australia. To represent an ethical enterprise, selection criteria apply, as set by Moral Fairground. (refer to selection criteria)
  3. Business membership and can be transferable to representatives within a business, but can not be transferred between businesses.
  4. Each Moral Fairground member warrants that it owns the trademarks, logo, branding and photos provided to Moral Fairground and have the right to license, use and publication of this material in accordance with this Agreement.
  5. Moral Fairground reserves the right to request additional information, ask for additional referees, contact referees and verify the validity of the entries.
  6. Moral Fairground business members provides Moral Fairground a non-exclusive royalty-free licence to use trademarks, logos and branding for the purpose of marketing and branding.
  7. Moral Fairground membership only starts when payment is made to Moral Fairground and is applicable for a 12 month period. Payments by paypal, direct credit or cheque. Contact Moral Fairground for full payment process details. Payment must be made in one transaction.
  8. Business membership and exposure via Moral Fairground’s channels does not guarantee additional sales.
  9. Moral Fairground business membership offers ethical enterprise with a number of membership discounts. No other discounts will apply.
  10. Membership cannot be interchanged or exchanged between businesses but multiple individuals can represent a business as an accredited member of Moral Fairground.