Global Life Foods

Global Life Foods

Global Life Foods was established in 2014 as a premier food sourcing company with the aim to be direct sourcing partners supplying international food products from across the globe to Mainstream and Food Service channels in Australia.


Creatures by Hunter

Creatures by Hunter is a range of organic, fair trade and ethically sourced products featuring the illustrations of fourteen year old Hunter Kelly.


Kokonut Pacific

We’re a social enterprise that’s serious about erasing poverty and empowering lives in the Solomon Islands.

We give 100% of the profits of every Niulife product back to the villages that make our oil. All our ingredients are sourced from ethical, family-owned producers that give back to their local communities.

Fork Mama

Fork Mama

“FORK MAMA” serves up amazing Thai Street Food with a focus on super food. Fork Mama is a cruelty free, 100% plant based kitchen. Mama uses amazing faux meat products and eastern vegetables, working her magic to create incredibly tasty masterpieces that all can enjoy!
To learn more about Fork Mama, click HERE

Because of NatureBecause of Nature

Because of Nature

Because of Nature is a sustainable, slow colour fashion label. We consider our footprint and celebrate knowing that our pieces will one day
return to the earth. Natural bres, natural dyes and zero waste using Bihar Khadi. We have also collaborated with Praveen Chauhan and his company Matr to establish a social enterprise project called The Happy Hands Project. A project based in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India focused on women’s empowerment through creating sustainable employment opportunities through the development of a weaving cluster to produce Khadi, handloom and natural dye house.

DiMase Architects

Bringing Buildings to Light

We design spaces that enrich the experience of living – where joy and beauty can be found in everything from the things we touch to the composition of materials, space and form.



Youthworx is a youth media social enterprise that trains and employs young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in creative and commercial media production. We deliver creatively based accredited training in partnership with Melbourne Polytechnic and have a film production business that employs graduates of the training in key creative and technical roles. Youthworx has been going for ten years and has produced over 400 commissioned films for more than 100 organisations.

for Dignity

for Dignity

For Dignity curates a beautiful collection of quality contemporary homewares, jewellery, bags and accessories crafted predominately by those affected by human trafficking. Your purchases provide a life giving income for these people and 50% of our profits are investment into initiatives fighting human trafficking.

Kandila Company

Kandila Company

Kandila Co. is a Melbourne-based candle company that gives back to community. With the help of our customers and stockists, as of May 2018, we have sponsored 21 underprivileged kids for 3 consecutive years.

HiB - Humanity in BusinessCOMMUNITY PARTNER

Humanity in Business

The leadership movement that creates engaged and purposeful businesses. We tell stories of great leaders who build highly engaged teams to create sustainable businesses.

the toxic fox showCOMMUNITY PARTNER

The Toxic Fox Show

The Toxic Fox Show is a podcast for entrepreneurs who give a damn!

They care about the impact their company has on you and future generations. They are striving to make a positive impact on the planet, the environment, and the animals, plants, and the people who work in and for the business and along the supply chain, and the people who buy and use their products and services.

We have conversations with entrepreneurs who are taking a regenerative approach to the decisions they make in business and life, and we talk about some of the challenges and opportunities they have faced. Our guests generously share the strategies that have and haven’t worked, their insights, tips and many of the tricks in their toolbox.

Season One of The Toxic Fox can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify. The second season will be recorded and released this year.

The Business 3000+ Awards

Business 3000+ Awards

The Business 3000+ Awards is Melbourne’s premier Awards Program for small business. Since 2004, they have been recognising and celebrating the endeavours and achievements of independent businesses located within the City of Melbourne that contribute to the commercial success and unique, vibrant fabric of the City.

Gold Leaf Financial Service

Financial planning to achieve your goals

Gold Leaf Financial Services provides strategic financial advice to help people reach their goals and dreams, spend time on what is important to them and make the world a better place. We believe in supporting the community and protecting our environment. Through Ethical Investment (including superannuation) we help our clients match their investments with their values and support businesses that make a positive impact in the community and the world.

Ethical Investment Services

Ethical Investment Services Pty Ltd

Ethical Investment Services is one of Australia’s longest-standing financial planning firms, specialising in offering advice to clients who prefer to invest ethically. Established in 1988, the privately-owned practice provides an ethical alternative to help individuals, families, SMSFs, charitable foundations and not-for-profit organisations across Australia meet their financial goals. EIS continues to be instrumental in the promotion and growth of ethical investing in the Australian financial services landscape, and is a founding member of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia and the Ethical Investment Advisers Co-Operative.

Contact the EIS office on 03 9853 0995 or email to arrange an initial consultation.

Turkish Gozleme

Ummu Gozleme

We are a small company that provides people great Turkish Gozleme so people can learn the food culture of Turkey.

B alternative


B-Alternative is an environmental solutions movement, aiding transition to low impact living, and providing sustainable alternatives to make the world a better place.

Eden Australia

Eden Australia

Eden’s Mission is to reach, rescue and restore. Eden serves in five branch locations across Asia to restore freedom to those trapped in sexual exploitation. Eden Australia exists to support and strengthen the work of Eden throughout Asia through the retailing of jewellery made and designed by women who are employed within the Eden program. Eden’s programs reach out to women trapped in red light district communities, conducting innovative prevention programs for those at risk, and raising awareness both locally and worldwide. Eden rescues women through providing safe environments, vocational training and employment through the international jewellery social enterprise. The journey to restoration occurs through empowerment, restoring dignity, education and caring for the whole person and their needs through Eden’s holistic programs. Eden provides a financial pipeline that enables more women to be rescued, more shelters established, more medical care available, more people reached and more opportunities embraced. Eden jewellery is now in 5 retail outlets in Victoria, we frequent markets and conference spaces, and likeminded events.



natif native superfoods


NATIF sells 18 different types of Australian Native Superfood fruits, herbs & spices.
The fruits, herbs, spices are from growers all over Australia. They are either wild harvested, organically or orchard grown.
The brand is owned by Julie Merlet, a Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant who wants to connect us to our environment through native food for health and wellbeing.

servi store

Servi Store

Servi Store is a unique initiative from Melbourne, selling trendy eco-friendly products and cotton apparels made from 100% Fairtrade organic cotton. All our products feature artwork of inspirational quotes. We also source custom 100% Fairtrade organic cotton apparels and uniforms.

It all started with a desire to create products that spread inspiration and hope. However, we wanted to achieve this in a way that would care for farmers, factory workers and the environment. Hence the reason why we chose to use organic cotton or Eco-friendly raw materials for all our products and become Fairtrade certified.


Capital, Consulting, Connections

Red Hat Impact is here to provide founders, entrepreneurs and business managers with capital, advice and connections to grow businesses with positive social and environmental impact.
Our speciality is ethical trade finance – using an identified opportunity for new customers, more sales, bigger deals to grow your business and amplify the positive impact your business has on the world.
If you run a business that is creating a better world, and you need access to capital to pursue new business opportunities, get in touch.



For more than 20 years LUSH has been driven by innovation and an unwavering commitment to ethical business, we operate under a strict policy of fighting against animal testing and supporting fair trade and community initiatives around the world. As a campaigning company LUSH has lent its 935 shop windows in 51 countries around the world to small grassroots groups and organisations working within the areas of animal rights, human rights and environmental protection. We believe in making effective products from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics.

Transitions Film FestivalCOMMUNITY PARTNER

Transitions Film Festival

The Transitions Film Festival is a visionary festival dedicated to showcasing inspirational documentaries about the social and technological innovations, revolutionary ideas and trail-blazing changemakers that are leading the way to a better world.

GoodWill Wine

GoodWill Wine

David began Goodwill Wine after losing most of what he owned in the Black Saturday bushfires. With a strong desire to pay forward the help he received, he took the $15,000 given to him through the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal and instead of replacing what was lost, began sourcing high quality wines, built a website, and started passing on 50% of his profit to charity. Fast forward ten years, some recent angel investment and a team made up largely from the long term unemployed as well as the NDIS, and Goodwill Wine has grown rapidly; tripling its turnover in 2019 and paying forward over $275,000.



Wilderness Society

The Wilderness Society

For 40 years, they have stood at the forefront of Australia’s most historic environmental victories. But the biggest challenges lie in front of us. The Wilderness Society is powered by over 30,000 Australians from all walks of life. They work to support the living world that makes all life possible. (Including our own.)
Together, they are taking on transnational corporations, rogue operators, and the armies of lobbyists and politicians who defend them. From the corridors of Canberra to the streets of your town, they are here to change the system. Here is where you find out more about them.



NutriSoil is an award winning, organically certified, liquid biological fertiliser made from large worm farms. Organic animal, plant, mineral and ocean inputs are fed to compost worms and other soil organisms that consume and convert nutrients into a plant-available food and microbial stimulant. This encourages healthy natural growth, as plants exchange carbon from photosynthesis for essential nutrients with the microbes, in turn building healthy carbon-rich soils. Information and ordering can be done at



Partnering with Angels Womens Collective in Tamil Nadu. The women are from a scheduled caste community and have very few income opportunities. Basket making project has enabled them to earn an income of their own whilst also being able to look after their children.

Purchase these baskets to use as your market shopping baskets and through your purchase support the Angels.

Aagan Towels
Aagan 100% Organic Cotton

Aagan Organic Cotton

*Ethical * Exquisite * Sustainable

Start Some Good - your ally in creating change


StartSomeGood is known for being the leading crowdfunding platform for social enterprise in Australia but these days is also an award-winning innovation agency and educational provider helping companies, foundations and governments more effectively support social enterprises and innovators. StartSomeGood powers ING’s Dreamstarter program, which has delivered $1 million to early-stage social enterprises in the last four years, innovation challenges with Huddle Insurance, Future Super, MetLife, Foundation for Young Australians, English Family Foundation and others and the Pitch for Good events in Melbourne, Adelaide, Parramatta and Perth. StartSomeGood has helped almost 800 social benefit projects raise $12 million, with the highest projects success rate in cause crowdfunding.

Roma Boots Australia

Roma Boots Australia

We are comprised of a team of passionate philanthropists who are motivated by love and who love to give. With a penchant for education and a love for the arts, we have a keen desire to make a difference in the lives of children on a global scale. Our mission is to “give poverty the boot” by bringing children and families hope, love, and lasting change through aid, education, and employment.

The Difference Incubator TDi

The Difference Incubator

The Difference Incubator (TDi) is an Australian non profit organisation that exists to awaken the possibility of both doing good and making money in individuals and organisations. Since founding seven years ago we’ve consulted for over 400+ mission-led enterprises from both Australian and the Pacific, to help them deepen their impact and achieve financial sustainability. We provide tailored support through our consulting services, and each year run an accelerator for mission-led enterprises and entrepreneurs from across Australia called Two Feet.



Serversaurus is the first web hosting company to be completely carbon offset. Since 2007 we have partnered with Greenfleet, so the many tons of carbon dioxide that is generated for power to keep our servers running running is offset by planting hundreds of trees per year. Serversaurus is also a member of One Percent for the Planet, donating 1% of our revenue to environmental causes, such as Friends of the Earth, Take 3 for the Ocean, and more.

In 2014, Serversaurus proudly became Australia’s first and only web host to become a certified B Corp, and one of the Founding B Corps in Australia. B Corps are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency – in a nutshell, B Corp certification is to sustainable business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee. You can learn more about B Corps at



Vollie is applying volunteering to this on-demand age in which we now live, where people are expectant of finding solutions in a few clicks. Through Vollie, people can connect with the causes they care about in a matter of seconds and carry out this volunteering work for a non-profit organisation from anywhere in the world and around their busy schedule. Vollie can also deliver corporate volunteering and corporate social responsibility management services.

Lady Paella

Lady Paella

Lady Paella creates a ‘fiesta’ atmosphere, full of colour and Spanish/Moorish aromas for that Mediterranean feel. Guaranteed gluten free, dairy free, egg free and soya free, using locally and ethically sourced ingredients such as Australian Mussells and Banana Prawns, Organic Free-range Chicken and Organic Vegetables. With over 25years experience in restaurants and catering, our chefs are excited to cook traditional, seafood and vegan paella for you!

wrapper reusable food wrapsSPECIAL OFFER


WRAPPA Reusable Food Wraps was created to bring the ‘green living’ lifestyle to the on trend world. We wanted to use reusable products ourselves but found that there was nothing on the market that was appealing, stylish, fun and funky! So we brought you bold, we brought you colours, we brought you style and a little bit of matchy matchy in our wraps. Now your kitchen can be environmentally friendly and a wee bit fancy. WRAPPA started out making just the traditional beeswax wraps, but once we had cemented our place within the market, we found ourselves being approached by a large number of customers who lived a plant based, vegan lifestyle. So after a lot of hard work, we developed the world’s first plant based wrap. This is now sold in 15 countries internationally and in over 50 stores nationally, with the number growing on a weekly basis. WRAPPA is more than just a family business. It is our love and our passion and we want to share it globally.

The Timekeeper SPECIAL OFFER

The Timekeeper

At The Timekeeper, we adopt a holistic approach to actively raise awareness on the importance of mental health within the community by associating the notion of ‘time’ with ‘mental health’. Our mission is to promote ‘slowing down’ in our fast paced society, aligning with values and being intentional with time to reduce symptoms of depression (being in the past) and anxiety/stress (worry about the future, living unaligned out of flow). We sell watches that act as a symbolic reminder on the preciousness of time, and partner with local not-for-profits to support the wellbeing of young people in need with our 100% impact model. The Timekeeper is building a human brand, a community and social movement online and offline through its authentic marketing. We facilitate and share people’s ‘Stories of Time’ (their struggles of the past, the values they care about in the present, and their visions for the future) to celebrate vulnerability and breakdown stigma.

The International Avatar Course

Avatar® Course

The focus of the courses on the Avatar® Path is making the changes in consciousness that awakens each individual to more personal responsibility so there can be a more stable platform for which attitudes can shift towards the bigger care needed for all on this planet.
Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar® Materials writes “The thing we have to solve is how to make care and compassion more valuable than self importance and impermanent things, the ultimate solution is broadly awakening the enlightened mind of spiritual consciousness, the solution that we have been looking for is more alignment and cooperation, more attention to service to others, we need to become citizens for the planet”. Avatar® Masters are individually licensed all around the world in over 50 countries. They are in their communities furthering the principles of personal responsibility and compassion. Avatar® Masters align with their own moral code and use their wisdom and skills to create better living conditions for all sentient beings.
“The mission of Avatar® in the world is to catalyse the integration of belief systems. When we perceive that the only difference between us is beliefs and beliefs can be created or discreated with ease, the right and wrong game will wind down, a co-create game will unfold and world peace will ensue”.

decisive cravings

decisive cravings

Decisive Cravings is an Australian food and travel website that champions authentic food and travel experiences, food culture and recipes. Decisive Cravings supports the conscious movement with a special focus on eateries and businesses that support local, sustainability and the environment, as well as social good. Our recently published food guide, Melbourne for Conscious Foodies features reviews on coffee, breakfast, lunch, sweets and dinner at eateries all around Melbourne that support these principles. The guide also includes tips, and places to volunteer in Melbourne’s food community. 25% of the profits from each Melbourne for Conscious Foodies guide sold will be donated to a local Melbourne initiative. The guide has been printed locally in Melbourne with vegetable-based inks and on paper using sustainable pulp resources. Order your copy today.

Wicked Homes


Wicked Homes

WICKED is Wellness Inspired Construction, Knowledge & Environmental Design … based on Building Biology, Scientific Knowledge, Solar Passive Design, Feng Shui and Livability. Taking on the challenge to change the paradigm of waiting until you get sick and looking for a cure seemed a big ask until we decided being WICKED was our best option. A WICKED Home is a sustainable home in every way. It is sustainability for life!

Fair Food ForagerSPECIAL OFFER

Fair Food Forager

We believe we will change the global food system, reduce food miles, food waste and plastic pollution, and grow ethical and sustainable business practice. How? By assisting consumers to make smart choices while highlighting ethical options to support sustainable food. Many smart choices equal big change.

Join the movement and grab our FREE mobile app on Android and iPhone.

brandhiro logo


Brandhiro is a forward thinking branding agency that will discover and capture opportunities competitive and emerging markets with powerful creative and clever strategies. Brandhiro will challenge and disrupt traditional industries but most of all it will challenge traditional thinking to gain market edge. From Branding, Packaging, Marketing B2C + B2B, Advertising, Audio + Video Capture/Editing, WordPress Website Development, Search Engine Marketing, Managed Social Media & Digital Content Development, Brandhiro’s full services are now even more inter-connected than ever before!

Australian Ethical

Australian Ethical

For 30 years, Australian Ethical Investment has been busting the myth that investors have to compromise their ethics for returns, or returns for ethics – we achieve both.

The company has consistently outperformed the market while ensuring every single stock it invests in delivers positive outcomes to people, the planet and animals. From its strong performance and the growing social consciousness among investors, Australian Ethical has grown to more than $1.5 billion in funds under management as at June 2016 and has the #1 performing Australian Shares Fund in a 10 year time frame – bar none. That includes all Australian Shares Funds, both ethical and non-ethical according to the Mercer Investment Survey September 2016.
If you could make money while doing good, why wouldn’t you? Join in 3 minutes:

easybeesy eco goods

easybeesy eco goods

easybeesy eco goods supports people on their journey of living more waste free, planet friendly lives. We offer products that are not only easy, beautiful and convenient but also work better than their plastic counterparts. All with the added bonus of being reusable!



We’re a young team trying to fix the dog food industry. We make the healthiest dry dog food in the country, with transparent labelling and considered ethics. Our biggest impact will come from improving the pet food supply chain, so we’ve started from the ground up being the first brand to reveal how much we include of every ingredient, and advocating for big changes to pet food regulation to ensure that consumers can make more conscious decisions.

vince myc photographyvince myc photographySPECIAL OFFER

Vince Myc Photography

Vince Myc Photography is a Melbourne based world destination studio, we specialise in wedding photography/videography, portrait photography and event photography/videography. We treat each of our clients as a close friend, so working together closely is the ideal way we’re going to get a great set of images out of it. Please tell us about your story, how do you imagine the photos to be? Get in touch and let’s get a conversation started.
Phone: 0433 030 085


The Sew Good Company

The Sew Good Company is a clothing company that provides women in rural Cambodia with fair, safe, family friendly employment. We work with women to promote their rights and significance within the workplace with the aim to promote women as the leaders, change makers and role models that they are within their community and their family.



Barasa advises small to medium-sized enterprises on how to become purpose and values-driven so that they are great for the world and great places to work. We do this through our purpose and values discovery workshops, values-based leadership programs, and culture and system alignment initiatives. Barasa powers the Conscious Business Learning Lab, a mastermind and coaching program for ethical enterprises. Examples of our clients include the Youth Food Movement, StartSomeGood, DomainGroup, Digital Storytellers, and The Ethics Centre.



TOWNHALL is an online networking community discovering, supporting and connecting pioneers in charity, non-profit and social enterprise. ‘Citizens’ of TOWNHALL receive a free profile on our site and promotion, education and support through our social media platforms, editorial features, newsletters, being part of a platform that allows you to connect with like-minded people, gain donations/support/a following, forge partnerships and seek sponsorships. We also offer PR services for change-makers who want to amplify their message and get their story heard!

The Karma Collective

The Karma Collective

The Karma Collective offer deliciously scented soy wax candles that are hand poured in Melbourne, Victoria. We partner with charities, donating a portion of profits to assist with causes such as stopping animal cruelty; protecting children around the world and helping Australians affected by breast cancer.

Our goal is to put out good karma everyday – and collectively, significantly impact our world for the better.



Goodsmiths makes it easier for people to be responsible consumers and feel good about it.
We showcase ethical products and services from Australia’s stand out social enterprises, connecting individuals and businesses to consider consuming less and when choosing to buy, to buy from the right businesses.

Why? Because sometimes we all need a gentle nudge of inspiration to make a change for good.
Goodsmiths offers simple ways to become responsible, mindful consumers and understand the benefits generated for people and the planet. We are all consumers but that doesn’t need to be a dirty word. Instead we can make a shift, instead we can be Goodsmiths.

Qi Teas

Qi Tea

Qi Tea is an award-winning Fair Trade brand that specialises in organic, Fairtrade functional teas. Each variety contains an array of herbs, carefully blended for taste and balance. Our range includes popular varieties such as Qi Detox, Relax, Slim, Wellness and our new Matcha. The factory where Qi Tea is processed is owned by the Farmers’ Co-operative and is a shining example of Fairtrade at work.
If you are a retailer wanting to stock delicious, organic and Fair Trade teas or if you are personally wanting to purchase some, click here.

Conscious CapitalismCOMMUNITY PARTNER

Conscious Capitalism Australia & New Zealand

Conscious Capitalism is a fast-growing global movement, dedicated to elevating humanity through a business philosophy that has four key characteristics: Organisational Higher Purpose, Conscious Leadership, Stakeholder Orientation and Conscious Culture.

Here at the Australia and New Zealand Chapter, our members are business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to create a more human-centred form of capitalism. We help them do this by connecting them with a tribe of people who share their vision; and by providing content, resources and experiences that inspire, educate and enable them to become a practising conscious business.

Our vision is a future where capitalism means Conscious Capitalism. One day, business will be and be seen as the greatest force for good. Every business will operate with a sense of higher purpose, integrate the interests of all stakeholders, develop and elevate conscious leaders, and create a conscious culture.

Join us or sign up to our newsletter at


B Lab

B Lab is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to provide businesses with the tools they need to effectively measure and manage their social and environmental impact with the same rigour as their finances.

One of those tools is the B Impact Assessment – a comprehensive holistic assessment of the positive impact your business has on your key stakeholder groups: governance, workers, community, environment and customers. More than 50,000 businesses around the world have used this tool to measure what matters, and 2,500 have used it to certify as a B Corporation, including 230 in Australia & New Zealand.

support clean oceans

Rolla Bottle – Portable water bottle

Rolla Bottle is a unique portable water bottle for on the go hydration.

It rolls small when not in use, it’s there when you need it an out of the way when you don’t. No more bulky bottles and no more single use plastic. Plus we donate 10% of profit to clean ocean initiatives to help clean the damage caused by single use plastic.

71 Bay


71bay was born out of a love for my home country – Bangladesh, is where I am originally from. Having settled in Melbs with my 4YO & hubby for a few years now, I felt disconnected and wanted a way to give back and keep my son hopefully connected to his roots as he grows up.

We are partnered with some amazing fair trade organisations in Bangladesh to create beautiful, handmade homeware items, created by women (some men too) in marginalised sections of Bangladesh. Our sales generate income for our artisans and their families, operating on the ‘trade not aid’ philosophy, to enable people to become agents of their own change.


Bask Aromatherapy

Bask Aromatherapy

I am an Aromatherapist who is passionate about the benefits of using essential oil and natural products on the skin and in the home, ‘bask aromatherapy’ was inspired by a desire to re-create that ‘day-spa’ feeling at home.
My speciality is blending essential oil fragrances and love to blend them with luxurious textures using simple, raw ingredients such as; aloe vera, shea butter. We use premium quality, organic ingredients (sourced from sustainable farms). Our products are produced in small batches in Melbourne, are vegan friendly, not tested on animals, grey water safe and packaged in recyclable packaging.
We reduce our carbon footprint by planting one tree for every internet order, two trees for every wholesale order and (at least) five for every event we participate in. We love to keep business local and are licensed to use the ‘Australian Made & Owned’ logo.

Asia Pacific Social Impact CentreSponsor

Asia-Pacific Social Impact Centre

The Asia-Pacific Social Impact Centre is the University of Melbourne’s hub for social innovations.

Bringing together experts from all sectors – business, government, not-for-profit and researchers/consultants from the nation’s No. 1 university – we build solutions to difficult problems, based on evidence and backed by research and practice. This includes working with social enterprises to enhance their business capability and strengthen their social impact, understanding the complex relationship between these two interdependent goals

Our programs include:
1. MURRA Indigenous Business Masterclass – capacity building in Indigenous entrepreneurs
2. Business Modelling – providing social enterprises with the models to pursue their goals, often in developing countries and involving diverse stakeholders
3. Impact Investing – providing government and financial institutions with models to invest in social programs
4. Sustainability – educational programs demonstrating why sustainability should be central to organisational strategy, based on international best practice
5. Strategic Philanthropy – collaborative models for NFPs and funding organisations to achieve lasting impact

Rowville Community Kitchen


We believe every Australian should have access to wholesome food of their choice. We exist to provide opportunities for everyone in our local community to enjoy wholesome food, learn to cook and share a meal combating social isolation. Partnering with SecondBite we reduce food waste, providing fresh and frozen portion controlled meals & fresh fruit to our local primary schools supporting the disadvantaged until they again become independent.
Find out more on our website:

Scarlett - always vegan


SCARLETT bags is an online vegan boutique specialising in handbags and other accessories. We have designed a small range of handbags under the
SCARLETT brand (designer bags) and we also sell a curated range of vegan bags and accessories from other Australian suppliers. SCARLETT bags are simple and chosen for quality and eternal style. On market days also look out for our range of eco shopper-totes, ethically
produced jewellery and other accessories.

SCARLETT operates 24/7 at and sign up online to stay in touch with our festival appearances and other events.

natures child

Nature’s Child

Nature’s Child began as Australia’s first organic baby store in 2000 and developed into our own brand of products with zero waste, zero harm philosophy. All our products are certified organic, fair trade using sustainable, chemical free materials.

sleepy bear booksSPECIAL OFFER

Sleepy Bear Books

Sleepy Bear Books is an emerging social enterprise. We sell books and sewing patterns online. Our range includes antique and vintage books, contemporary fiction, cookbooks and a wide range of topical non fiction. Shop with us at
Our store provides employment opportunities to people from diverse backgrounds. Andrew has an intellectual disability. He creates and edits photos as well as preparing packing material. We’ve given him his first opportunity in paid employment since completing high school over four years ago. Soraya is a refugee from a Kurdish Iranian background. She works as a contractor, providing photography and listing services. This is Soraya’s first paid work since she arrived in Australia six years ago. Natasha is the store owner and she’s also parent and carer to her two autistic children.

Social Change CentralSPECIAL OFFER

Social Change Central

Social Change Central is Australia’s premier portal for social impact opportunities. It connects social entrepreneurs with support and resources to convert their ideas into real social impact. From funding to programs, awards, competitions and more, Social Change Central is a comprehensive one-stop-hub providing members with the most up-to-date social enterprise opportunities both within Australia and internationally. Become a Social Change Champion today at