Master Class Workshop with Victoria Plaksin

Trusted Negotiator Masterclass

Trust unifies people and moves the world forward. It is the currency of the new economy.

In an ever more complex and transparent world, the ability to nurture effective relationships is vital, particularly in business. Business, like life, is ultimately human. At it’s core, it’s an ongoing interaction and exchange between people.

Hiring and firing. Clients and suppliers. Partnerships and joint ventures. Seeking strategic alignment and managing differences. Defining deliverables and deadlines. Making offers, counter offers and high stakes agreements. These are but a few of the daily interactions we must all navigate.

Yet most don’t realise that all these conversations and decisions are negotiations. These are your accountable moments, which collectively move you towards, or away from, your vision. Your choices in these moments ultimately determine the outcome of your leadership, your business and your impact. These choices fortify or fracture trust, enhance or erode value, create a positive or detrimental impact. Negotiation is not just something you do, it’s a reflection of who you are.

Trusted Negotiator show up with the intention to transform not only conversations, but people and their impact. Our team brings you over two centuries of combined experience – from internal negotiations, to complex multi-billion-dollar deals with heads of industry, commerce and diplomacy.

This Masterclass is your opportunity to expand your awareness and be empowered. Gain practical tools to navigate your accountable moments and make a positive impact. In this interactive and engaging Masterclass you will discover:

  • what is and what isn’t negotiation and when to use this invaluable business/life skill
  • debunk some common myths about negotiating
  • what are the key skillset and mindset competencies of a Trusted Negotiator
  • the Negotiation Dynamic required to unlock more value
  • tools to apply immediately in your your crucial conversations

This MasterClass Event is scheduled:

  • November 2nd 8:30am – 11:30am
  • Trusted Negotiator, Level 10, 360 Elizabeth Street Melbourne
Trusted Negotiator Masterclass


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Victoria Plaksin

Facilitator, Victoria Plaksin, Co-Founder & Managing Director of The Trusted Negotiator

As co-founder and managing director of The Trusted Negotiator, Victoria leads a team that boasts more than 200 years of combined experience in high stakes negotiations. Their purpose is to take you on a journey to become confident and fully equipped to deliver tangible business value, enhance trust in your stakeholder relationships and position your reputation as a Trusted Negotiator.

Victoria has played key leadership roles in a number of start-ups and scale-ups, where she leveraged her leadership, strategy, sales and negotiation competencies to enter and thrive in competitive global markets. Read more…