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Fair@Square has been part of the City of Melbourne for the last seven years, the event aims to build awareness, inspire and educate people about the benefits of ethical lifestyle choices and to showcase enterprises that are innovative and are leading the way. We are strong believers that people have the power to create positive change by the small actions and decisions that they make every day. We hope that Fair@Square can provide an opportunity for people be inspired to take small actions.

This year the theme of Fair@Square is Unearthing Goodness from Soil to Shelf, as we celebrate the International Year of the Soil, we embrace the importance of soil to society. Everything we have, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear comes from the soil.

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Our Fair Mothers’ Day e-Catalogue is offering you the opportunity to be the ONE to make that difference by simply opting to purchase a gift for your mum from one of the listed enterprises here. You will be making a positive contribution to people and planet.

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The Fair Trade Mother’s Day Market offers a great opportunity for exhibitors to connects with targeted consumers and demonstrate how your business is commitment to sustainable, ethical and fair trade to the Brunswick community. A beautiful, vibrant location, committed to ethical living.

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Join the biggest celebration of Fair Trade worldwide by taking part in the Fair Trade Event Trail and hosting your own event or activity during the Fair Trade Fortnight. Also check out what other events will be happening during the Fair Trade Festival.

Moral Fairground is hosting the Victorian Fair Trade Festival in Melbourne and we are excited to be adding a new component this year to inspire, empower and educate people everywhere on how small positive actions can contribute to a fair society.
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