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The fashion industry is the 3rd largest industry in the world, 2nd largest economic activity for intensity of trade, 5th biggest polluter of any industry. In 2014, it employed between 60 and 75 million people but millions more operate within it as undocumented victims of slavery and child labour.

“Human rights and the environment pay a heavy price – a price that people can increasingly choose the lessen with the rise of ethical fashion.” United Nations

What is ethical fashion? How does it differ from the mainstream and how can one ensure their clothing choices reflect their values? These are the questions New Mode Collective and Moral Fairground hope to answer through their collaborative exhibition Fair Fashion is the Future.

The following is a snapshot of organisations and individuals involved with Fair Fashion is the Future. Please visit our tent to view all content, activities and event times throughout the day.

Exhibition Structure

The exhibition will be structured around a typical garment supply chain, following these phases: Design, Material Development, Construction, Retail, Use + Disposal. Key issues will be highlighted that can arise at each phase – refer to fact sheets for more information.

Pause, Breathe, Weave

Join us in creating a communal tapestry, which will be woven in the Sustainable Fashion Tent throughout the day. Rest your legs in our comfy corner, add some yarn to our woven world map or read New Mode Mag over a cuppa. Seasoned weavers and crafters will be present to guide you and yarn with you all day long.


New Mode Collective

New Mode Collective

New Mode Collective was founded by Acacia and Eve as a platform to promote conscious clothing. NM facilitates events, such as FFF, that connect ethically-aligned designers and consumers. They advocate for clothing that empowers both the wearer and the manufacturers at each stage of the supply chain, and that has minimal negative impacts on the environment.
Instagram @newmodecollective

Mittens by Fibre Shed

Fibre Shed Melbourne

Fibre Shed are an organisation promoting local, closed loop textile systems. They have kindly lent us an array of locally grown, naturally dyed yarns for viewers to see and interact with.
Instagram @fibreshedmelbourne

Fibre Shed

Abby Keep

Abby Keep is an emerging textile designer and avid hand-knitter. She is passionate about using her love of craft to positively impact the world. Viewers will have the opportunity to view her work, produced with locally hand-spun yarn, and hand-made knitting needles.

Instagram @abbyjanekeep

Gab and Meg

Walk Sew Good

Walk Sew Good is the brainchild of Megan O’Malley and Gab Murphy. The two of them spent 10 months hiking across Southeast Asia in search of positive fashion stories. These stories will be showcased through photography, videos and artefacts at Fair Fashion is the Future. Viewers can also hear directly from Megan and Gab at our 2pm discussion on the changing fashion landscape.
Instagram @walksewgood

Textile Exchange

Textile Exchange

Textile Exchange is a global not-for-profit that advocates for transparent textile supply chains and sustainable innovation in the textile industry. Check our notice board at the front of the marquee to see when you can hear one of their representatives speak about the changing fashion landscape.
Instagram @textileexchange

Bedroom the Label

Bedroom the Label

Bedroom the Label is a small-scale, local fashion label run by Grace Easton. Grace is a designer-maker who runs Bedroom on the principles of Slow Fashion. Each piece is made-to-order from her studio in Brunswick, from limited-edition or pre-loved materials. Grace will showcase a single design at each different stage of its making: uncut fabric, pattern pieces, partly sewn and finished. This installation will be accompanied by images of her constructing to give viewers a sense of her process and cause them to reflect on “who makes their clothes”.
Instagram @bedroomthelabel



A.BCH is the first Australian fashion label to publish 100% of its supply chain. Founder, Courtney Holm, established the label after discovering the layers of issues within the fashion industry. She decided she could no longer be part of it unless she was, “…doing something radical to change it”. One menswear and one womenswear garment will be showcased from A.BCH with accompanying information about each garment’s journey.



SZN is a local designer who uses Zero Waste pattern making and up-cycling to create sustainable clothing ranges. SZN will showcase one Zero Waste outfit and one up-cycled outfit to demonstrate two options for creating sustainable clothing. Viewers can also hear directly from designer-maker, Susan Dougherty, at our 2pm discussion on the changing fashion landscape.
Instagram @sznthelabel

New Mode Mag

New Mode Mag

New Mode Mag Issue 1 will expand on the content from the exhibition. It will discuss human rights and environmental abuses in the fashion industry, as well as the politics of personal style, how society views and values clothing, and clothing as creative expression. Fashion and textiles represent history, culture and identity, and we are reclaiming them as a way of empowering people – makers and the wearers alike.

Guest Speakers

2pm – 3:30pm Discussion | ‘The Changing Fashion Landscape’

Facilitated by Acacia with Fibre Shed, Susan Dougherty and Megan and Gabby from Walk Sew Good.