For ETHIME, Ethical Fashion is at the core of its mission, it is our vision that Ethical Fashion becomes the only choice. We believe that as a community, whether virtual or in reality, each and every person matters and every effort should be made to respect the environment not as a resource from which to simply take from at will, but to live within it compassionately and with respect.

We are committed to doing everything we can to create a prosperous platform for those among us who share this vision. The task does not fall on any one individual it is incumbent on all to take responsibility to act.

In this spirit we will continue to build a community that embraces the fellow garment worker, fashion designer, also importantly our shared environment with respect, care and innovation to continue to do better, we must do better.


After attending a networking event and also following the work done by Emily Keen to promote Moral Fairground in our Ethical Fashion Australia Facebook group we are keen to be a part of the bigger picture. After working in this space since 2009, it is so promising to see organisations such as Moral Fairground gain traction and grow.