Ethical Enterprise Conference Location

EEC 2018

Location of Conference

Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre, Melbourne Business School at the University of Melbourne,
198 Berkeley Street, Carlton Vic 3053

Building for the future – ‘The Spot’

Located at 198 Berkeley Street, the 12-storey Spot building is a purpose-built teaching and research centre that services the staff and students of the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Featuring a suite of ‘green’ innovations, the Spot remains at the vanguard of sustainable architecture.

The Spot incorporates a range of low-emission temperature control and ventilation options. Layered into functional zones, the double- glazed facade of the building maintains the temperature while optimising the use of natural light. Overall, the sustainable design features result in a 46 per cent reduction in energy use and 83 per cent less water compared with the average educational building.

The Spot sustainability fact sheet