Ethical Enterprise Award 2014

Winner of the Ethical Enterprise Award 2014 Announced
Congratulations Seven Women

Ethical Enterprise Award 2014 Finalists

Mission Australia’s Soft Landing

Mission AustraliaMission Australia mattress recycling program has created over 200 FTE jobs and 400 training opportunities for unemployed participants and has recycled over 400,000 mattresses whilst holding a strong ethical commitment to sustainable job creation through recycling.


EtikoEtiko is the pioneering fairtrade focussed company which introduced ethically produced, eco-friendly fashion, footwear and sportsgear onto the Australia market. In the process it has helped fund community development projects in a number of developing nations as well as health programs in Central Australia.

The Dharma Door

The Dharma DoorThe Dharma Door’s aim is to bring the highest quality Fair Trade homewares and lifestyle products to a market that values contemporary design, while making a positive impact through trade.

Eternal Creation

eternal creationFounded on the belief that human rights must be upheld and that everyone should be treated equally, Eternal Creation strives to provide an ethical working environment at their Himalayan Tailoring Centre.


STREAT‘STREAT is a social enterprise that operate a portfolio of hospitality businesses that provide homeless and disadvantaged young people aged 16-25 years a supported pathway into the hospitality industry.’

Seven Women

seven womenSteph is the founder of seven women, a development organisation in the form of a social enterprise which Socially and economically empowers marginalised women in Nepal. We empower by education, skills training, and income generating activities. We started with seven women and have grown to over 755 women to date who are having ripple effects in their communities.

 MC and Ethical Enterprise Award personality

Lara Shannon – MC and Ethical Enterprise Award personality

jaron natoli

Jaron Natoli – singer songwriter from Melbourne Australia


To be eligible to apply for this award, your ethical enterprise must:

  1. Be a business or organisation that has made positive impact on the social and economical status of a local or overseas community through its innovative and ethical trade practices. Find out more about the winner and finalists of the 2013 Ethical Enterprise Award.
  2. Demonstrate the delivery of positive outcomes and change in the community through its trade practices or as a result of its enterprise model.
  3. Be an Australian-based registered business or organisation.
IMPORTANT KEY DATES for the Ethical Enterprise Award 2014

Media Releases

EEA Finalists Announcement Media Release

Ethical Enterprise Award Finalists Announcement
5th November 2014 -PDF

EEA 2014 Finalists Announcement
Ethical Enterprise Award Back For 2014: Celebrating Positive Impact And Profit

Ethical Enterprise Award Back For 2014: Celebrating Positive Impact And Profit
25th July 2014 – PDF

Ethical Enterprise Award Back For 2014: Celebrating Positive Impact And Profit

Media Enquiries

For all media enquiries contact Claire Maloney, Communications Director, The Bravery 0431 279 785 or via email.

Ethical Enterprise Conference

Ethical Enterprise Award Judging Panel

Kim Humphery

RMIT University

Kim is Director of the Centre for Applied Social Research at RMIT University in Melbourne, and has an international reputation for his work in the sociology of consumption and material life. Much of Kim’s research over the past two decades has focused on the history, theory and politics of consumption and, more recently, on anti-consumerism as a social movement.

Currently, Kim is working on a major (Australian Research Council) study of ethical consumption in Australia along with RMIT colleagues Tania Lewis, Alison Huber, Ferne Edwards and Paula Arcari. Kim’s books include; Shelf Life: Supermarkets and the Changing Cultures of Consumption (Cambridge University Press, 1998 & 2011), Excess: Anti-Consumerism in the West (Polity, 2010), and the co-edited collection Consumer Australia: Historical Perspectives (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010).


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