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Ethical Enterprise Conference 2014 Program

19 November 2014, Rydges, Bell City, Preston Victoria, 9.15am to 5.30pm

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Susanna Bevilacqua
Moral Fairground

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the first Ethical Enterprise Conference (EEC) and our second Ethical Enterprise Award (EEA).

The topic of our first EEC is “The Attitude of your Business”. For any business to be successful and in particular ethical enterprises, the attitude of how we operate our business, how we deal with our suppliers, how we project our image and how we tell our story has a significant impact on the success of the enterprise.

I am very excited about the EEC program, it brings together a wealth of expertise and knowledge and high profile industry leaders, who will share insightful information and expert advice to grow your enterprise. I believe that you will walk away from this conference feeling inspired about the future of your enterprise, with great ideas and connections.

The Ethical Enterprise Conference will be followed by a delightful dinner, where you will get the chance to meet some of the finalists and the winner of the National Ethical Enterprise Award.

I look forward to meeting you at the conference.

moral fairground


Paul Smith
Australian Ethical Investment

A brief message from Australian Ethical Investment.

A very warm welcome to the Ethical Enterprise Conference and Award for 2014. This is the second year of the award and the first for the conference and we hope we get the chance to meet.

As some of you may know Australian Ethical Investment was a co-founder of the Award along with awesome team at Moral Fairground in 2013. We got involved because of our mission to build capacity within good businesses having a positive impact on the world. We tend to invest in public companies or those larger private enterprises already with a proven business model, so we wanted to find ways to ‘invest’ in other ethical enterprises. It was therefore our view that we needed to do more to support those that we cannot yet invest in. Supporting the Ethical Enterprise Award was a natural fit.

We also want to congratulate Moral Fairground on the Ethical Enterprise Conference as a way of bringing a growing community of good business together to share and learn from their peers and expert speakers. Again, the aim of the conference is to build capacity and support the growing network – the more that can be done to turn them into the ‘big business’ of the future the better for society, the environment and the world in general. As the B Corp movement puts it, business can be a force for good and compete to the best ‘for the world’, not just the best in the world. So, if you are a B Corp, social enterprise, conscious business, for profit or not-for-profit company, thank you for all your good work, your positive impact and for being a part of this important movement.






We would like to thank all delegates for attending the 1st Ethical Enterprise Conference and congratulate all Ethical Enterprise Award applicants and finalists for their vision and contribution to conscious business practices.


TALK: Create Value from Values: The Missing Link
TIME: 9.45am – 10.15am
SPEAKER: Jesper Lowgren

Jesper Lowgren

Jesper Lowgren
Keynote Speaker

ABSTRACT: One of the biggest challenges facing ethical businesses is to remain relevant to mainstream businesses.

This stems from a simple conundrum: Most agree that ethics and values are important, yet there is no clear link between ethics, value and profit, which makes them hard sell. But the world is rapidly changing as a result of the digital disruption. It stretches current business thinking and models to the breaking point, and opens up opportunities for new conversations.

This keynote will present a radically new approach for translating values (ethics) into value (profit), by identifying three new landing spots for compelling and passionate business conversations.

BIO: Jesper Lowgren is a personal and business transformation thought-leader, published author, change agent, and public speaker. He works with businesses, business leaders and entrepreneurs, who seek extraordinary over ordinary, and who is on a mission to make a real difference in the world. See Jesper’s LinkedIn profile for more information.

STREAM 1 – Start Up Ethical Enterprise

TALK: A Just Business
TIME: 10.15am – 11.00am
SPEAKER: Paul Gleeson, Russell Kennedy

Paul Gleeson, Russell Kennedy

Paul Gleeson
Russell Kennedy

ABSTRACT: You have the passion, you have the idea, but how do you make it a reality? This session focuses on steering you through the myriad of legal considerations that you need to weigh up before you start. It will cover the different types of business structures, how they can be used to minimise business risk, and to maximise opportunity. The session will also focus on how to set up a company or similar business structure, and the different legal and taxation regimes that govern those structures.

PRESENTATION SUMMARY: The presentation will provide a practical overview of the myriad of legal considerations to be taken into account when setting up a business structure, and the implications of the various types of structures. The session will focus on how and what you need to do to minimise personal risk, while maximising flexibility and other benefits.

BIO: Paul is a principal and the managing director of Russell Kennedy, a respected Melbourne law firm.  As a lawyer he practises in intellectual property, information technology, corporate and commercial law.  He holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Laws from Monash University, and a Master of Laws from the University of Melbourne. He recently finished his 9 year term as one of the founding directors of Vision Australia, since the time of its merger in July 2004.  Prior to the merger he was a director of one of the four founding organisations that became Vision Australia. During that time he also served as chair of Vision Australia’s Audit, Finance and Business Risk Committee and as a director of its investment trust, Vision Australia Foundation. He is a Board Member of Inclusion Melbourne Inc, where he also serves as chair of that organisation’s Strategy, Audit and Risk Committee, and as chair of its investment trust, Gawith Foundation.

TALK: Brand Identity and Online Marketing: What does your brand say about you?
TIME: 11: 30am – 12.15pm
SPEAKER: Alana Smith, Sprout Online & Hiroshi Kikuchi, Brandism Pty Ltd

Alana Smith, Sprout Online

Alana Smith
Sprout Online

ABSTRACT: Your ethical enterprise needs more than a good product or service to grow – it needs a strong and credible ‘brand’ or ‘personality.’ This practical session will explore what building a brand involves in a digital world; showcase the experience of the presenters’ clients in successfully building a brand; and provide participants with the opportunity to reconsider their enterprise’s ‘brand,’ its position in the market and how they can continue to build trust and loyalty amongst customers in order to grow.

BIO: Alana is passionate about identifying community needs and driving the development and execution of initiatives that meet those needs and contribute to a more socially inclusive community. Alana has a background in law, and has worked in marketing, business development and advocacy roles in a range of not-for-profit organisations, social enterprises and small businesses. She runs an online marketing agency called Sprout Online which assists organisations to grow and engage online with their customers and/or supporters. A yoga and meditation teacher by night (Melbourne Meditation Centre), she is passionate about making yoga and meditation accessible to everyone in the community, particularly people from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Hiroshi Kikuchi, Brandism Pty Ltd

Hiroshi Kikuchi
Brandism Pty Ltd

ABSTRACT: Does your brand speak to your audience, does it communicate with a mass consumer group as an individual? Can your ethical brand become a badge of honour to the individual? Well, it better! We have now entered an age where consumers are far more connected than ever before, news can travel faster than the six o’clock news, we view images, news & video content when we want and where ever we want! That sort of speed of communication means you need to speak to your audience at lighting speed with maximum brand recall. Hiroshi will explain some of the methods to achieving this while reinforcing the key massaging of your unique ethical brand.

BIO: Hiroshi is a Creative Director of Brandism® Pty Ltd, a multi-award winning and multi-disciplined creative branding agency with a core focus on brand creation, strategy and management. Hiroshi’s career spans well over 26 years, and in which time has accumulated specialised experience in such areas as Brand and Corporate Identity, Packaging for Local and Export markets, Advertising, Web-site and Online Marketing Strategies for “Fast Moving Consumer Goods” (FMCG) and retail industries. He has been featured as a guest speaker for the Victorian Government’s – Design Victoria “Design Ready” series of seminars. Hiroshi’s company Brandism® has also been the recipient of Seven Gold Awards from the prestigious Packaging Council of Australia (PCA) for six years in a row.

TALK: Zero to Two: The Journey of SecondBite and Sade & Barrow
TIME: 1.15pm – 2.00pm
SPEAKER: Katy Barfield, Spade & Barrow, SecondBite

Katy Barfield,  Spade and Barrow and Second Bite

Katy Barfield
Spade & Barrow,
Second Bite

ABSTRACT: As the founding CEO of non-profit SecondBite and more recently social business Spade & Barrow Katy will discuss her path to creating a fairer food system. While touching on the challenges of establishing a national non-profit food rescue organisation from a small team of volunteers, Katy will then focus on her latest social business that has a mission to keep Australian farmers on the land. Hear how values based leadership, innovation, transparency, and procurement with principles can create a path to a better way of working, and importantly, ensure a viable future for our small to medium farmers across Australia.

BIO: Katy is the founder of Spade & Barrow. She loves mixing food and business and has made a career out of making the food system fairer. Katy led food rescue organisation SecondBite as CEO from 2006 to 2012. Starting with a car boot full of fresh fruit and veg, Katy led the organisation through a period of intense growth and expansion from Victoria to efforts nationally – distributing over six million kilos of fresh food to over 800 community organisations.



STREAM 2 – Established Ethical Enterprise

Stream 2 and Combined Panel Chair / Facilitator: Melanie Raymond, Youth Projects.

 Melanie Raymond Youth Projects

Melanie Raymond
Youth Projects

BIO: Melanie was named one of Australia’s Top 100 Most Influential Women in the AFR Women of Influence Awards 2012. Melanie is chairs the large youth charity Youth Projects. She is also a director of the social enterprise Good Cycles, chairs the Inter-Government Working Group for the City of Melbourne and state government, and the Not for Profit Advisory Group of the Institute of Company Directors. She is a former Chair of the Prostitution Control Council and the Victorian Liquor Licensing Council, and director of the MFB and Inner North Community Foundation.

TALK: Know your brand and Know Who You Are
TIME: 10.15am – 11.00am
SPEAKER: Stephen Johnson, Expert Systems Strategist and Thought Leader in Social Movement Design

Stephen Johnson Expert Systems Strategist and Thought Leader in Social Movement Design

Stephen Johnson
Expert Systems Strategist and Thought Leader in Social Movement Design

ABSTRACT: Leadership is focused toward social movement design and collaborative innovation, creating advocacy and enterprise community for brands. Most often, the strategies I write have a behaviour change, or social transformational aspect. All the usual suspects apply in this context, including authentic leadership and branding from the inside-out. I’m thinking this will play nicely into the ‘know your brand and know who you are’ theme. A major aspect of my work is focused toward future-proofing businesses by equipping them to thrive within social and economic disruption.

BIO: Stephen is an expert systems strategist with more than fifteen years experience in social business innovation. He is an award winning movement architect and thought leader in enterprise community design, with an innate flair for high impact acquisition and advocacy programs. Stephen is passionate about the collaborative economy and industries in-transition. Since 1997 he has led a wide range of local and international projects for high profile government, not-for-profit and lifestyle brands, including UNICEF, The California Public Utilities Commission and World Wildlife Fund. His work is critically acclaimed with industry accolades including Cannes Cyber Lion, AIMIA & Webby.

TALK: Protecting your Innovations and Reputation
TIME: 11.30am – 12.15pm
SPEAKER: Michael Pernat, EKM


Michael Pernat

ABSTRACT: In order to grow a successful business it is important to be proactive in protecting your innovations and reputation. In view of this, we will discuss how acquiring intellectual property can set clear ethical and legal boundaries upon which competitors are not allowed to encroach. The session will delve into the suitability of various types of intellectual property for your business, with a particular focus on the requirements of obtaining registrations for patents, trademarks and designs.

BIO: Michael Pernat is a Senior Patent Attorney at EKM IP. After initially working as both a patent and trade marks attorney, Michael specialised in the patent and designs field, prosecuting patent applications for both multinational companies and individual inventors. Michael is a talented practitioner with broad experience ranging from medical and neurological devices, to mechanical machines and tools, to information technology.

TALK: Finance for Social Impact
TIME: 1.15pm – 2.00pm
PANEL SPEAKER 2: Alan Crabbe, Pozible
Finance Panel Questions:
• As a social or ethical business, what financial opportunities and campaigns are available?
• What funding options are appropriate for particular ideas or business initiatives?
• What would be your top tip for gaining funding and financial sustainability in the ethical and social business sector?

Ben Gales, SEFA

Ben Gales

BIO: Ben was formerly a Director at the NSW Department of Family and Community Services and has also worked in NSW Treasury, in venture capital in the US and UK, and in the UK Treasury. Ben brings to SEFA his extensive knowledge of social investment, having been involved in the development of Social Benefit Bonds in NSW and establishing the Phoenix Fund in the UK to support small enterprises in disadvantaged communities. He also has experience of small business equity investment from his time in venture capital in Silicon Valley in the US and Cambridge in the UK. Ben worked with small to medium size organisations and he is aware of the growth challenges and opportunities. This experience equips him well for understanding the needs of emerging social enterprises.

Alan Crabbe

Alan Crabbe

BIO: Pozible provides the platform for project creators to present their ideas to a connected audience, worldwide. If people love what you’re creating, they can support it by pledging money. In return, project creators offer rewards matched to the level of funding commitment. Pozible can also be a gateway for discovering and supporting inspirational projects and thinkers directly. By becoming actively involved in bringing more attention to bold new ideas, art, products and the talented people who conceive them, project supporters become a vital part of a true creative community.


TALK: Don’t Sacrifice your Values: The Success Stories
TIME: 2.00pm – 3.00pm
PANEL SPEAKER 1: Damon O’Sullivan, Studio Thick
PANEL SPEAKER 3:Julia Sumner, Oxfam Australia

Panel Questions:
• Why create a business from a passion?
• What challenges maybe faced? (Examples maybe given)
• How can you remain successful in the social and ethical sector?
• What would be your top tip for being recognised and successful in this sector?

Damon O'Sullivan

Damon O’Sullivan
Studio Thick

BIO: Damon began his career working in the disability field before being struck by the internet bug. He spent 10 years at one of Australia’s leading digital agencies DTDigital as Solutions Architect and Operations Director before jumping ship to start a company of his own in 2011. Damon founded Thick with Adam Morris in 2012—a strategic design firm hell bent on creating positive social and environmental change. Thick works with clients across the public service, health, education and the not-for-profit sector. Thick was a founding B-Corp in Australia and we are passionate about business contributing more to a brighter future.

 Rebecca Scott STREAT

Rebecca Scott

BIO: Rebecca is the co-founder and CEO of STREAT, a social enterprise that provides homeless and disadvantaged youth with a pathway from the street to long-term employment in the hospitality industry. Since starting its first street food cart in Melbourne in 2010 the organisation has now scaled to run six hospitality businesses (four cafes, a coffee roastery and a catering company). Across these businesses, the young people in STREAT’s programs have had over 30,000 hours of training and support opportunities, whilst helping serve half a million customers. By 2016 STREAT aims to be helping 250 youth each year and be completely self-funded through its business operations. Before starting STREAT Rebecca was the Vice-President of KOTO, a hospitality training program and social enterprise for street youth in Hanoi. Prior to this she worked for a decade in science communication management at the CSIRO, Australia’s premier science research organisation.

Julia Sumner

Julia Sumner
Oxfam Australia

BIO: Julia Sumner is General Manager of Oxfam Australia Trading, a subsidiary company of Oxfam Australia, and as such manages Oxfam’s 11 shops across Australia, its online shop and the wholesale channel. Oxfam Australia Trading is one of Australia’s oldest and preeminent ethical retailers who deal on a fair trade basis with over 100 organisations in 40 countries around the world, including Australia. Julia started in this role in September 2011, after having spent 18 months working in various roles in Oxfam Australia including Executive Manager and Acting Director of Operations. Before joining Oxfam Australia, Julia worked for the South Australian Government for 6 years. Julia holds an MBA from the University of South Australia, where she focused her studies on Corporate Social and Sustainable Strategy.

TALK: It Takes Two: Co-Creating the Ethical Consumption Paradox
TIME: 3.30pm – 4.14pm
SPEAKER: Michal Carrington, University of Melbourne

michal carrington

Michal Carrington
University of Melbourne

ABSTRACT: Despite increased awareness and positive intentions, consumers rarely shop and consume ethically. This phenomenon is widely referred to as the ethical consumption ‘paradox’ or ‘gap’. These consumers are not making choices in isolation, however, as an entire supply chain of decisions have occurred prior to the consumer arriving in store and making a choice from a range of predetermined options. This paper considers the interplay between consumers and firms/managers to holistically grasp this ethical consumption ‘gap’, and provide insight and implications for business practice and policy.

BIO: Michal Carrington is a Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Melbourne. She teaches and researches in the areas of marketing ethics, marketing theory, retail management/marketing, ethical consumption, and consumer culture. Her research has appeared in the Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research and Higher Education Research and Development. Michal is currently co-editing a multi-disciplinary book titled ‘Ethics in Consumption: Interdisciplinary Perspectives’ to be published by Routledge. Michal holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Melbourne, and a PhD also from the University of Melbourne. Prior to entering academia, Michal spent almost a decade working for Unilever in Australia and the UK.

TALK: Business of the Future: A Growing Ethical Community
TIME: 4.15pm – 5.00pm
SPEAKER: Paul Smith, Australian Ethical Investment

 Paul Smith Australian Ethical Investment

Paul Smith
Australian Ethical Investment

ABSTRACT: In this closing session from a champion of a better way of doing business, Paul will bring all the key themes of the day together and help us all celebrate where we have gotten to as a community, and where we could be going next. He will discuss what we all have in common, even if we are doing very different works. Finally, Paul would like to invite all conference delegates to share your experiences of the day and what you will be taking away with you. Make sure you don’t miss out!

BIO: Paul works and lives at the intersection of compassion, business and money. He has 20 years experience in financial services, communication, leadership and sustainability across small and large organisations in multiple sectors. Since 2011, he has worked for Australian Ethical Investment building meaningful partnerships with like-minded organisations and helping clients connect their personal values with their investments. Paul is also chair of the Jane Goodall Institute of Australia and an active advocate for social enterprise, B Corps and conscious capitalism. He writes about his passion at Compassionomics.

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