Create and Play at Fair@Square 2016

Create & Play Kids Program
Trash Puppets

Saturday 3rd December &
Sunday 4th December

11.00am – 4.00pm, Create and Play Tent

Trash Puppets will be at the create and play tent from 11am – 4pm for you to create your very own, unique, working puppet, made completely out of recycled and reused materials. No glue or paint required! Trash Puppets makes sustainability FUN for people of all ages. You’ll never look at your recycling bin the same way again!
Throughout the day other activities will be available and supervised by our volunteers that will allow kids to get creative while using items that are good for the planet.

These include:
• Upcycled Christmas Decoration
• Nature Inspired Crafts
• Pulse Shakers

Trash PuppetsTrash PuppetsTrash Puppets