Vincent Phantharangsi

Special Project Co-ordinator

Vincent is a young professional with experiences in the accounting and finance industries. He has completed a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne and further graduate studies in professional accounting. While currently working in Risk at one of the Big 4 banks, he has always felt the need to help people, spread the word about compassion, care for the environment and for one another. He is an aspiring social activist and change maker.

Being the son of two political refugees from Laos, he is a strong advocate for the benefits of multiculturalism. He dreams of world peace and international cooperation where politicians and businesses work together efficiently to create a sustainable future for generations to come. With his background in business studies, he strongly believes there are endless alternate ways to do business in more sustainable settings. He is currently working on a personal project to provide local designers with affordable and sustainable manufacturing solutions in South East Asia with the end goal of giving consumers an alternative to fast fashion.

Vincent is also a strong believer of the health benefits of the zen lifestyle, mindfulness and meditation practices – having chaired the Melbourne University Buddhist Studies Society as Vice President.